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Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Leaks Before Official Announcement

So Samsung’s big launch is nearly here and we have an idea what to expect. After all, what’s a launch without a few leaks ahead of time. Samsung announced their event a few weeks back. Right before IFA, Samsung is having their Unpacked Episode 2 on Wednesday September 4th. But of course, there was a leak on Samsung’s Galaxy smartwatch (AKA Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch) that was supposed to be released. Check out what we know so far!


Samsung Unpacked 2013 - Episode 2 - Divas and Dorks - Galaxy Note III - Galaxy Note 3


What everyone wants to know about the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch is the design. What is it going to look like?

Venture Beat describes it as a blocky health tracker with a camera. The watch will be quite large, measuring 3 inches diagonally. The watch will come with Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities to allow for connection with Android devices and internet access. Now for the crazy features:
The Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch is set to come with a 4 megapixel camera and tiny speakers. The Galaxy Gear Smartwatch will allow you to keep track of your diet by taking pics of your food and labeling. But does it mean that it will be able to detect nutrional value? How will it work with Samsung’s S Health App on the Galaxy S 4?

samsung-galaxy-gear-smartwatch-sketch - ifa


We’ve been speaking with sources to separate fact from fiction. And this weekend, a source showed us one of the prototypes sent to developers and a few select partners. Note that Samsung is highly security conscious in protecting its designs, and occasionally sends off prototypes that don’t mirror the final design.  But it won’t be far off.

Venture Beat


The Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch are set to come with the following specs:

  • Samsung S Voice for voice commands
  • Preloaded with Android apps for social media, health tracking, etc.
  • Integration with a companion Galaxy S phone or tablet
  • An easy-to-use swipe function to access apps, the built-in camera, and the photo gallery
  • Call logs (A cool use-case: You can initiate a call from the watch to a Samsung smartphone device)
  • Internet access
  • Power button on the side
  • Social media integration — you can share to your Facebook or Twitter account from the watch
  • 10+ hours battery life

samsung smartwatch leak - IFA - Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch - Samsung Galaxy Gear

I’m ready for the smartwatch war to begin. It started with MP3 players then smartphones and now watches. Wearable technology is definitely on the rise!

What do you think so far? What do you hope is true about the leak? What do you hope changes? Galaxy Gear Smartwatch or iWatch? 





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