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Samsung Experience Shops To Open Before Release of Flagship Phone

In the last couple of years Samsung has really made a name for themselves in the mobile industry. Implementing a lot of features that mobile users were craving, Samsung came through and delivered, exceeding consumers' expectations. As we know Samsung always has something up their sleeve. With gadgets across all tech categories (smartphones, tablets, cameras, laptops and accessories), it might be difficult for consumers to make decisions and be informed about Samsung Products.

Samsung decided to ensure a better retail experience for their consumers by installing shops in Best Buy stores in the US. This will be known as Samsung Experience Shops.

Samsung Experience Shops - Best Buy - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - YummyAna - Technology

What are Samsung Experience Shops?

Samsung Experience Shops will be installed in over 1,400 Best Buy stores. You can have full hands-on experience with their tablets, smartphones, smart (connected) cameras and accessories for all these devices in the shop. Just like apple stores, you have a better feel of how the products work. You can also see if getting a Samsung eco system going is beneficial and how certain features work across multiple devices.

Certain Best Busy stores will go a step further by offering Samsung Smart Service. Samsung Smart Service includes dedicated Samsung Experience Consultants. These consultants are specially trained with the Samsung Mobile products. Some Best Buy employees (blue shirt associates) will be specially trained also.


Samsung Experience Shops - Samsung Galaxy - Divas and Dorks - Technology - Analie Cruz - YummyAna

With the Smart Service, consumers have access to assistance with products, full on product demonstrations, warranty assistance and product activation  You will be able to activate smartphones without leaving the area. Some of the larger Experience Shops will have a "Samsung Connected Solutions" area where consumers can see how the eco-system works. They are trying to answer all questions with visuals and experience.

When asked why Samsung didn't pursue standalone branded retail stores of its own, Dunagan was prepared for the question. "We felt that this partnership was the quickest way to address consumer needs," she said. Needless to say, not even Samsung could have 1,400 independent shops built and operating inside of six months. [Source]

 Samsung Experience Shops - Best Buy - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - Technology - Table

Will Samsung Experience Shops Convince Consumers?

With all their mobile products grouped in a special area, and with the right answers, consumers will have a somewhat "Apple store" like experience. If Samsung can offer up the same customer service that Apple is known for, the Experience Shops will be successful. Some shops are even getting the Samsung Galaxy S4 before the official launch date. Giving consumers a step ahead in the game is always a good strategy.

HTC who said they will be more vocal with their marketing (their slogan before said "Quietly Brilliant") will have to do a lot to compete with the funding  Samsung puts behind their marketing.


Do you think these Samsung Experience Shops will be effective? Is Samsung oversaturating the market with their presence?


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