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Rumor Control: Rihanna Baby Bump Watch 2013

Every week the tabloids and celebrity-watch sites make sure that we get a healthy dose of baby bump news. Some of us are clambering to click on pictures of certain bumps more than others. The Royal baby bump of Kate Middleton made its debut recently.  It definitely made the news, but not as many people seem to be as consumed with the life of the royals since Princess Dianna. Jessica Simpson’s belly is another one we haven’t seen much since she announced she was pregnant shortly after giving birth to her first child. Maybe that’s because she had the longest pregnancy in the history of celebrity babies, and there were enough pictures to cover both of her pregnancies in advance.


After Beyoncé finally showed the face of her child in her “Life is but a Dream” documentary in February, it was clear that Blue had the features of both of her previously “alleged” parents, and the campaigners behind Beyoncé Babygate lost most of their steam. Believe it or not, Kim Kardashian is making headlines, but this time for all the wrong reasons. Apparently, her stylist (ahem, Mr. West) doesn’t know the first thing about making a pregnant woman look stylish.

pregnant-kim-kardashian in unflattering outfit

Now the latest comments made by Rihanna in her interview in her recent Elle UK interview, have been interpreted as her saying she wants to have a child with Chris Brown are causing a stir. The commentators who are on Team Navy think she will have the cutest child ever with Chris. While the ones determined to hold on to the scuffle she had with Brown a few years ago, are already making outlandish comments about Chris continuing to abuse Rihanna and the child they’re probably not even trying to conceive yet.


If there are already comments on her unoccupied uterus, could you imagine what people will say if she actually makes good on the speculated promise to bring baby Chris or Christina into this world? Will there be outrage? Will forums pop up everywhere about preventing a child from being physically abused using Rihanna and Chris as a case study? Will they blame a sudden spike in teenage pregnancies on Rihanna since they insist on branding her as a role model though she continues to rebel against that label? Will Law and Order make a sequel to that horrible parody they released last week?

rihanna-pregnant-with-chris-browns-baby-full-view-img-1 (2)

Those questions sound crazy? If you said yes, then you’re correct- but with the track record of the media so far, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those became serious “news” stories. It’s already quite clear that fans, celebrities, haters and the media at large have no problem commenting on children as if they are adults- hence the comments about child actress Quvenzhane Wallis last week, and the questions of paternity regarding baby Blue before her parents took the blanket off of her face.


I guess we’ll have to wait and see after the photogs snap a picture of Rihanna after she eats a sandwich and her bloat is mistaken as a baby bump. Let the Rihanna baby bump madness begin!


What do you think will come of the Rihanna baby bump frenzy? Tell us below…



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