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Reality TV Dating 101 (…And The Lessons Learned…)

After watching enough reality TV you can feel as if you've learned absolutely nothing, and even possibly lost a few brain cells. However, some of the most fascinating story lines in reality TV come from the single woman’s search for lasting love, or romantic couples on the brink of disaster sprinkled with drama induced by egos, cocktails, a camera crew with millions of viewers tuning in weekly. After seeing a gambit of these shows over the years, what lessons can we really take and learn from it all? Here are a few reality TV lessons pertaining to dating.  

Be careful to whom you give your love away.

catfish-the-show-mtv Take it slow and do your research. We've seen from Catfish the importance of doing your research. shawty-lo-all-my-babies-mamas-580x332But knowing someone's background can also prevent you from getting caught up like the women on All My Babies’ Mamas (spring 2013) about Shawty Lo, his 11 children, their 10 different mothers and his new 19-year-old girlfriend. It's important to know what you what from your partner in terms of a family, and the possibility of an extended family. If children keep popping up while you’re dating, it’s probably time for you to pop up out of there and find someone else!  

Move at your own pace and don’t let others influence you or tell you what to do.

Kandi and Todd-Eat Cupcakes In the fifth season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi Burruss found love among the show's production team with her new boo, Todd Tucker. Even though RHOA co-stars have been pressing Kandi and Todd to get engaged, they hold firm in doing what works for them and shutting down those conversations before they get too deep. A perfect example of doing  things at your own pace.  

Communicate clearly what you want in the relationship and stand by your words.


At every turn Chrissy Lampkin boldly made it known what she expected from Jim Jones, starting on Love & Hip Hop and culminating on to Chrissy & Mr. Jones. Chrissy was determined she would not be walked all over by Jim’s mother; she demanded compensation for helping him build his fashion line; she set out clear boundaries for his interaction with other women; and she refused to have a child with him until he was mature enough to commit himself to her through marriage. Love her or hate her, Chrissy earned Jim’s respect by being a strong woman who knew her worth in his life, what she wanted and stood by her beliefs.  

Pressuring a man into marriage is a guaranteed fail!

Kenya and Walter Believe it or not those peachy housewives have so much to teach us! RHOA’s Kenya Moore may have known how to win Miss USA but she has no clue how to win over Walter Jackson’s heart. She has shown us that by bringing every conversation around to “When do you plan to propose?” has gotten her nowhere but sleeping alone. Don’t wait for a relationship that doesn't make you happy, but at the same time don’t force it into a ditch by arguing about marriage. SN ladies: Fake cooking a meal on nationwide TV does not work! There are too many simple and easy recipes out there for that.  

Relax and enjoy the dating scene. Dating should be fun!

Joe Budden and Kaylin Garcia-kissing

Use the “getting to know each other” phase as a chance to try new places, get dolled up and try out new make-up, take trips and do things you've never done before with the new person in your life. Well known exhibitionists Joe Budden and Kaylin Garcia, new stars of Love & Hip Hop season 3, are frequently posting on Instagram while out together at the strip club, sunning in the pool, working out, making late night runs to the store, or having date night, among many other things. You really can see how much they enjoy these activities with each other.  

Keep some things private in your relationship.

TI-FamilyHustle Showpage Viewers love tuning in to The Family Hustle to see the King of the South, TI aka Tip Harris, be a daddy to his large brood of creative and fun-loving kids. Everyone knows how much TI and Tiny love each other, so keeping that part of their relationship private and focusing on the Harris children, helps keep their love solid as a rock. Remember: Everything is not for everybody, but there is definitely a lesson to be learned from all of the reality TV foolishness and drama.  

Have you learned any other valuable dating lessons from reality TV? Tell us below...



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