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Play Your Music Even Louder At Home With The Sonos Wireless Speakers

A new way of listening at home is here! Well, technically not a new way of listening, but Sonos is re-defining at home listening with their new wireless products and they’ve enlisted ecclectic superstar Janelle Monae for a visual, you’ll never forget!


sonos janelle monae




While we are in the tech climate consisting of a sea of wireless speakers, there are a few companies that stand out amongst the crowd. We wanted to highlight the awesome audio products of Sonos. This is a company that specializes in wireless high-fidelity (high-quality sound reproduction) speakers as it works with your Android device, iPhone/iPod/iPad, Mac, and PC.



sonos speakers



From entertaining in the home, to enjoying listening alone – Sonos is for everyone. ¬†Questlove shares his unique love of music in his everyday life, from his grooming groove to selecting sweet sounds in his New York shoe lair – listening is back and this is how it’s done.


sonos questlove



With Sonos, you have a wide variety of app support to play all music on earth like Amazon Cloud Player, iHeartRadio, your iTunes collection,, Mog, Murfie, Pandora, Rdio, Rhapsody, Sirius XM Radio, Slacker Radio, Songza, Spotify, and Tune In apps to name a few.

Now on to the hardware. Sonos comes in a variety of speakers with the:

Play 3: ($299)- a small speaker ideal for smaller rooms

Play 5: ($399) – the company’s first speaker to fill up a larger room

Sub ($699) – their latest speaker acting as a subwoofer that won’t rattle or buzz.



The company also offers:

Bridge ($49) – a small streaming box that can connect to multiple speakers throughout your home.

Connect ($349) – works with your existing home theater or stereo to give it audio streaming abilities.

Connect: Amp ($499) – works like the Connect but acts as a digital amp for existing system.

Anyone in the market for a new way to fill your home up with great wireless audio system, look into Sonos. You”ll thank us later.


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