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Pinning Made Easier and Better by Pinterest

Pinning Made Easier and Better by Pinterest - pinterest icon - Divas and DorksPinterest, that visually stimulating eye candy pinboard style photo sharing service has added more features and connections to its platform.  Pinterest has become the third largest social media service and gaining in popularity beyond the female ages 18-35 range.  It has reached new demographics. Men have started to use the service and have gained a core following in the sea of a estrogen laced network.

Pinning” has gotten a lot easier too! Last month they released several features for mobile users that will help them add more users and brands:



Pinning Made Easier by Pinterest

Pinterest Search Suggestions:  Using the typeahead function we are familiar with other searching sites, will help you quickly find people or things.

Search Your Own Pins:  eliminating the problems of sifting through every pin posted.  This feature lets you search your own pins or click button to see only your pins listed.

Pinning Made Easier and Better by Pinterest- my pins

Push Notifications:  Now you can view all your comments and mentions with push notifications (located in your settings on your smart phone of tablet) or within an app.

Mention friends in Post – Using the “@” symbol and type the name of the person you want to mention, this person will get a notification of your tagging them. Similar to Twitter and Instagram

Pinning Made Easier and Better by Pinterest - tagging on Pinterest - Divas


Pinterest Branding: Pinterest has also partnered with Brands like eBay, Target, Modcloth, Sony, and Netflix to add descriptive content to their pins.  The descriptions could include price of an item, a description of a movie, or the ingredients and instructions of a recipe.

Pinterest just bought Punchfork, a recipe website back in January.  Of course adding this branding feature will give the users more functionality to peruse longer and maybe buy a product.  Pins can be shared with friends which add to a brands user reach.



Divas and Dorks Pinterest Trivia:

What is the most pinned photo on Pinterest? . . . Don’t Know?

It is a photo by cooking show host Paula Deen called “Aunt Peggy’s Cucumber, Onion, And Tomato Salad”.

It has been shared over 300,000 times and ‘liked’ more than 8,000.

Pinning Made Easier and Better by Pinterest - pinterest recipe - pinterest makes pinning easier


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