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Olivia’s Top Scandalicious Looks From ABC’s Scandal


  The winter finale of Scandal aired last Thursday on ABC,  leaving fans desperate for January 10th to come. We want to know if Huck will escape his new title as public enemy #1?  Will Fitz survive?  Who is Becky and did she really have to kill Huck’s family… the questions are endless! Most importantly we will be waiting for more iconic fashion style from Olivia Pope! Every episode eyes are glued to see what Lyn Paolo, Chief Costume Designer in Command, will put Olivia in next. Thanks to Lyn Paolo, actress Kerry Washington has solidified herself as a small screen style icon and beyond.  We want to know what color her next Prada bag will be, what coat she will pair with her business suit? Here are D&Ds Top Five Scandalicious looks so far from Season 2.   scandal-olivia-keri-washington-peplum-coat Olivia has been seen rocking this camel Armani peplum jacket a few times this season. She’s worn it both as outerwear and in the form of a suite jacket. Peplum is one of the hottest trends this fall and finding ways to wears to incorporate it into your outfit are endless as shown here. When meeting with clients Olivia needs to should solidary and strength. Her strength is often portrayed through her outfit choices and this Armani suit is the perfect combination to achieve that look. This grey ridged jacket is both feminine and structured enough to emanate “don’t play with me!”   oliva-pope-cable-sweater Whether Liv is dressed up or down, she always makes it work. Here she is laid back chatting with Cyrus and somehow makes this white All Saints cable knit sweater look glamorous. It’s simple and chic and provides warmth in such a heartfelt scene.     oliva-pope-gucci-jacket-military- Olivia’s military inspired Gucci jacket turned tons of heads. The gold zipper provides the perfect contrast to bring to life the otherwise dull color. Under the jacket she rocked a pink, roll neck cardigan by Escada that provided simplicity that again emanated strength.  

olivia pope dress

Undoubtedly, the most notable outfit this season was her ball ground to Fitz birthday party in the Defiance episode by designer Jean Fares Couture. Lyn Paolo said she knew she wanted to go vintage, but was having a hard time finding something that would be functional yes beautiful.   What's your favorite Olivia Pope look from this season's first half of Scandal?  ABC's Scandal returns with all new episodes on January 10th, until then - how do you plan on feeding your scandalous itch?      


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