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New York Fashion Week Goes Digital – Fashion Feat Or Fail?

IMG Fashion and Rightster announced that for the first time, there will be a live stream of every runway show from New York Fashion Week (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week) at Lincoln Center, as well as video on-demand content available for all shows and presentations, for fashion enthusiasts everywhere. Starting February 7th - NYFW live streams will be available on and, giving fans worldwide a front row seat to fashions most beloved designers’ shows. new york fashion week streaming online   Now that the mystery of one of New York's most fashionable events will be revealed on a computer screen near you, what does that mean for New York Fashion Week and what does that mean for you?  The tents at New York Fashion week has always been much more than the experience of designer runway shows and presentations.  It is the epicenter of the current and future faces of fashion.   Editors, stylists, models, celebrities, makeup artists, bloggers and more crowd inside the tents in an anxious frenzy to network, floss their style and make their way to each designer show.  Sure, live streaming of the runway shows will give outsiders a front row seat to the newest season of style, but it'll never replace the experience that is New York Fashion Week.   In fact, half of the entertainment that is New York Fashion Week actually takes place outside of any of the designer presentations.  From the omnipotent 20-something pr representative intoxicated with power to the more than desperate model/stylist/actress-to-be , these are just a few of the lead characters you're destined to experience underneath the tents of fashion week.  The ruthless elbows & jabs from photographers determined to "get the shot" to the catty chatter of "influencers" complaining about their overbooked (non-existent) show calendar - these are people and scenarios that can't possibly be shared by streaming a runway show online. Last season, the disgruntled daughter of a French publisher went as far as slapping the face of pr before the start of a show - these are scenes from NYFW that I can't make up and definitely won't be streamed on a computer screen near you soon.       Overall, you can in fact call this a fashion WIN for the masses who may never step foot inside a NYFW show, but if you're not easily entertained and have hopes of obtaining an insider's view of what New York Fashion Week really is then think again.  Now that IMG Fashion and Rightster has unveiled a small segment of the New York Fashion Week curtain, don't believe that this is an all-access pass for a full-on NYFW experience; those experiences are still reserved the fearless fashionistas and not the faint of heart.    


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