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New Year’s Fashionable Resolutions

We’ve officially survived the Mayan Armageddon, yet another presidential election and a handful of fashion weeks the world over.  But when it comes to our closets, have we really moved forward?  The internet is full of New Year’s Eve fashion resolutions, but we  wanted to take a more local approach to discover what our readers were really thinking. We scoured the streets of New York City to find out what style habits its citizens want to break, change, or start in the name of the New Year and you'll never guess what resolution admissions they revealed. Here’s hoping that that their experiments in aesthetic evolution might influence some stylish science of your own!


Name: Peace Hometown: Far Rockaway, Queens New Year’s Fashion Resolution:  Adding pants to her wardrobe and experimenting with chunky heels  

Name: Anna

Hometown: New York City

New Year’s Fashion Resolution: Dressing more businesslike



Name: Bruceling

Hometown: Brooklyn

New Year’s Fashion Resolution: “Stay true to my personal style.”



Name: Ian Hometown: Brooklyn New Year’s Fashion Resolution: “Wear better jeans”  

Name: Jamie

Hometown: Philadelphia

New Year’s Fashion Resolution: “Wear more blouses”



Name: Kathleen

Hometown: Brooklyn

New Year’s Fashion Resolution: “To take more fashion risks”



Name: Margaret

Hometown: Hackensack, New Jersey

New Year’s Fashion Resolution: “To be less label-conscious”



Name: Tania

Hometown: Toronto

New Year’s Fashion Resolution: “More makeup”

  The Divas & Dorks Guide to Making A Fashion Resolution of Your Own:   1.     Make it fit your life now, not 12 months ago.   Take a second to look at how your day-to-day schedule, commitments, personality, relationships, work life, down time, and general lifestyle have changed over the past year.  Then look at your wardrobe— does the tone of your personal style match that of your personal attitude (i.e. bolder color palette for a bold personality, more tailored/body-conscious pieces for a more confident body perception, etc.)? If not, pinpoint where it’s going wrong, and reconstruct it to reflect the current you— or, on the flipside, the you who you’d like to be in the New Year.   2.     Make sure it’s doable.   DO NOT, we repeat, do not aspire to spend insane amounts of money or to rack up ridiculous credit card bills in the pursuit of your fashion revolution resolution.   Do what the real fashionistas do— emulate design, not etymology.  Rather than getting hung up on labels, make a pros-and-cons list of what you love about your favorite designers’ designs, and scour your favorite stores for their more-affordable incarnations.  Allow yourself to invest big bucks on one piece that simultaneously captures your new attitude and straddles fashion borders (i.e. day-to-night or work-to-downtime).   3.     Commit to the change.   Don’t be afraid to break your former fashion cycles.  Trust that those who love you will welcome your fashion attitude as a reflection of a new and better you on the inside— that the change in your style cycles reflects a renewed sense of confidence and a reinvestment in self.     Do you have unique fashion resolutions for the new year?  What are they?  (Share your ideas below...)          


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  1. Great post! The beginning of the year is a great time to see what “Fashionable Resolutions” people have. I love how you went to the streets to poll your readers:) As for your tips, I especially agree with #1 – I actually just blogged about this myself, encouraging people to match the items in their closet with their current state. So important to routinely make this analysis!

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