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My New Frends – The Layla On-Ear Headphones [Review]

When you spot a pair of Frends headphones, you know that they're different from all the others out there. I know many people say this, but I'm serious. Once you see the pics, you'll see what I mean.

My New Frends - The Layla On-Ear Headphones [Review] - frends layla

The first thing that you notice about these headphones is that they scream FASHION! How great looking are these headphones?! In a world filled with fashionable headphones that are geared mostly toward men, it's nice to see on ear and over the ear headphones that are geared mostly toward women (not that men can't rock this awesome look too!). But Frends is geared toward making headphones for women.

My New Frends - The Layla On-Ear Headphones [Review] DivasandDorks (4)

From the Frends Official Website:

Creating high-end stylish headphones designed for Women. Frends set out with a mission to revolutionize the relationship between women and electronics. Creating new design lines, utilizing materials common to luxury goods and for the first time ever employing jewelry-making techniques in the crafting of their headphones, the Frends women’s line has paid close attention to the technical details that make these pieces not only beautiful, but functional.

My New Frends - The Layla On-Ear Headphones [Review] - frends layla earpads closeup

Design and Build of Frends Layla

The design of the Layla headphones (on-ear headphones) is stunning. You might want to purchase these without even trying them on. They are just so gorgeous. In case you didn’t know I am a sucker for goldtone products. So you know I went wild for the Frends headphones. The cord on the the Layla’s is made of a fabric material. The cord rarely tangles. You have to take care of the cord because it gets dirty easily.

My New Frends - The Layla On-Ear Headphones [Review] DivasandDorks (7)

Frends Sound

So based on how fashionable these headphones are, I wasn't expecting great sound. But wow did Frends come through! The sound on these bad girls is a-ma-zing! They come in loud and clear. While the Frends Layla headphones aren't noise canceling, they do a great job at noise isolating. The leather cushioned ear pads lay comfortably on my ears. They are squishy but firm. The headband is solid and firm with a leather exterior. The headband on the Frends Layla headphones close in when coming to the earpads. What I mean by that is that when you place the headphones on your head you have to really open the headband. After a few hours of wearing it might get a bit uncomfortable for some. The leather cushions are very comfortable, but the headband might start to squeeze your head after a while. It’s not that serious though, and I’m talking about after many hours of wearing. You won’t even realize it until you take the headphones off.

My New Frends - The Layla On-Ear Headphones [Review] DivasandDorks (6) - Analie Cruz - @YummyANA


Should These Become Your Frends?

Having the rose gold Layla Frends headphones make choosing outfits a lot more fun. I actually like the idea of pairing my headphones with a matching rose gold watch, necklace or even smartwatch. What’s even greater about them is that just because they focus on design (jewelry inspired design), Frends didn’t skip out on the sound quality. They are a winning purchase in my book. They are a bit of an investment at $149.99 each, but they are worth every penny! They are less expensive than many other headphones out there. Everything from the build to the sound quality will leave you with no buyers remorse whatsoever!

Buy the Frends Layla Headphones:

The Frends Layla headphones are available in different color combinations:

Rose Gold / White Yellow Gold / White Silver / Black

You can purchase the headphones on Urban

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