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Need to Record Calls on Your Smartphone? – There’s an App For That

Need to Record Calls on Your Smartphone?  There Is An App For That!  Discover some of the best apps out now to record calls on your smartphone below...

Record Calls On Your Smartphone - Record Button

There might be a time that you may need to record calls. Think of this as productivity, not sneaky behavior.  Have you ever used your smart phone for a conference call, or an interview?  You are taking written notes (maybe) and can’t capture those important issues, and later you can’t decipher what you have written down and what it means?  Yes, I've been there.  Or maybe someone was giving instructions and as soon as you got off the phone you forgot what they said?  These apps solve your problem.

Record Calls With These Smartphone Apps Call Recording Pro

Record Calls On Your Smartphone - app icon

This recording app is only available for the iPhone, records incoming and outgoing calls for up to 45 minutes.  The recorded phone calls are then emailed to you (and the others if you choose).  Download the app for $2.99 and each call cost $.99 cents. Record Calls On Your Smartphone - handfree app screenshot Download the Call Recording Pro   Clever Mobile’s Call Recorder

Record Calls on Your Smartphone -  clever mobile app icon

This app is indeed free, but success rates are hit or miss and the reception of the recording is so so according to reviews.  It does record incoming and outgoing calls and compatible with Android devices. Download Clever Mobile’s Call Recorder app   Call Recorder IntCall Record Calls on Your Smartphone - int call iconThis recording device has received the best reviews.  Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android smart phones it records your entire outgoing phone calls.  The app saves the recording to your phone, can be sent via email and you can save the recordings on your iTunes account.  This app will download to your smart phone for free and allow for a few test recordings.  This app cost $.10 centers per minute.  The only downside is it does not record incoming calls.     Record Calls on Your Smartphone - int call screenshot Download the Call Recorder app


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