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From Navigation To Banking: Five Apps To Download This Week

With an endless selection of apps at your fingertips, there is a functional app for every type of person in your life. From the fashionista to the on-the-go bro, apps fit all different personalities.

1. Navigation: Waze


Does traffic make you lose your cool? Do you absolutely loathe running late just because of unpredictable traffic?  Keep calm and Waze on!

What It Is: The world’s fastest growing community based traffic and navigation app, dedicated to contributing to the ‘common good’ out there on the road; acquired by Google this past summer

Why It’s Unique: Reports are user-generated, allowing you to alert and join other drivers in your area in sharing real time traffic and road info, saving everyone time and gas money on their commute


2. Banking: GoBank

If you’re a gal about town who loves banking on the go, this alternative bank app may be right up your alley…

What It Is: Award-winning new mobile bank [FDIC-insured] that enables accountholders to do all banking functions via their smartphone [send money instantly, pay bills, build a budget, withdraw cash from over 42,000 ATMs nationwide, etc.]

Why It Is Unique: No overdraft fees, pay-what-you-want monthly fee (users select fee within app from $0-9 which can be changed at any point in time), Fortune-Teller feature which compares incoming/outgoing expenditures to politely tell you whether you can afford a purchase.



3. Organize Your To-Do’s: Clear

How many times have you lost your old-fashioned paper list? Stay on top of all your to-do’s virtually with “Clear!”  For the list-maker – Clear is the “clear” choice when getting things done!

What It Is: Clear is a productivity app that allows you to organize all your to-do’s into one comprehensive list.

Why It Is Unique: Clear takes advantage of the latest iOS features to make productivity even more fun and satisfying. It’s controlled almost entirely by gestures: Pairing down those to-dos is as easy as a swipe.


4. Crowdsourced Real-time Weather: Minutely

Rainboots in unexpected 80 degree weather? Not a good look for Miss Trendy. Take a fun approach to a serious weather problem with Minutely.

What It Is: Social-weather forecasting that allows users to change forecasts based on real-time weather conditions.

Why It Is Unique: We’ve all watched the weather before and dressed for rain when it ends up being a bright and sunny day. Minutely’s take on social weather ensures that you have up-to the minute information from users who are out and about in your area.


5. Family Photos: Groopic

Ever notice your photos are always missing the photographer? With groopic, even the photographer is in the photo!

What It Is: Groopic solves the impossible problem by seamlessly including the photographer friend in every group photo.

Why It Is Unique: With groopic, your pictures have every friend, every time – no more asking for help from the random stranger passing by!


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