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NAS Talks Technology Entrepreneurship, Being Accessible & Newest Venture 12Society!

Multi-platimum recording artist NAS sits down to pen his thoughts on his new venture 12Society and why in this day and age of technology, he feels it's important to be more accessible.

On July 24, I found out that my newest album hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200. This isn’t my first time around the block, but it’s one of the most satisfying. I started as a hungry MC from QB, but now I am trying to give back to the hip hop community that made me. So as I stepped to the mic on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that night, wearing a special 12Society t-shirt that I designed, a pair of jeans, and some Timbs, I can say I was on top of the world.

More than ever, entertainment is about self-promotion — using the power of your fans through social media to market live shows and new business ventures and move a few records. The direct connection to the fans is not just freeing artists from the old corporate structure; it’s redefining the relationship between creator and audience.

We now live in a world where, instead of subscribing to a GQ or Vogue to read about what’s new, everyday people can substitute this reading for experiencing, and have goods delivered to them based on their likes and personality. It’s style-made-easy, and will change the way we shop forever. Companies like Five Four Club and Trunk Club are taking the difficulty out of discovery by making personal styling a painless and fun exercise in exploration, expertise, and a bit of surprise.

I started 12Society in June with the hopes of bringing this generation the new wave of commerce. Providing my fans with access to products, brands, and technology that they haven’t seen before. Increased accessibility and visibility has always been the future, and finally, that time is now.

Reach his entire post at here.   What do you think?  Does NAS have a valid point regarding accessibility?  Do you think more and more celebs will follow suit?  Do you believe his 12Society comapany will take off like other similar companies?  


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