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My First Reaction: Apple iPhone 4S

After living practically the entire summer on the Edge…(Edge network that is, thanks to a jailbroken iPhone 3GS on the phenomenal T-Mobile network). My day has finally arrived where I can tweet pictures in seconds, text & check email in a breeze and join the rest of the world living with 4G privileges. This morning I was one of many that made their way to an authorized iPhone 4S retailer (in spite of my pre-ordering rant) in hopes of scoring the iPhone 4S before they’re sold out. (My reasoning? A lot of people that “pre-ordered” their iPhone 4S may incur the 1-2 week shipping snafu and could possibly receive their phone by November. I couldn’t take that chance.)


My view from sixth place in line…

I arrived to the Chinatown Verizon Wireless store (practically at the crack of dawn) to secure my place in line. Could you believe that there were already 5 people ahead of me? Since the store didn’t open until 8am – I didn’t expect a line once I arrived (unlike the Apple store, which has been bombarded by the media since last night.) After a 45 minute wait, I was ushered in to get my iPhone 4G and set up.


My climactic expectations were kind of suppressed, especially since I downloaded iOS 5 on my iPad 2 the night before. I’ve been pretty impressed with the 4G speed though. Seriously. the one touch camera app on the lock screen is pretty nifty too. I’m getting the hang of Suri too (I hope I don’t abuse her and become totally reliant on the artificial intelligence of my smartphone…it’s bad enough that I never remember telephone numbers…)

I’m still checking out the neat tricks and treats that this phone has in store and will be updating this post regularly today…


6:48pm – I Siri-ously love this phone! ┬áSo after spending the last hour chatting it up with Siri about everything from calling dad (because ironically, my dad’s birthday is today) to calling friends and even jotting down “to do” notes this is by far the best additive to the iPhone 4S ever!


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  1. So your officially done with the Blackberry? What happened to old Goldie 9700? :oP

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