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It Must Be The Music! Three Holiday Gifts For Any Music Lover On Your List

How often are you jamming to music?  Is it two hours per day, mornings or evenings?  What device are you using?  Is it your smartphone, tablet, TV, surround sound system, or your component set (yeah your old)? Did you know:  92% of African Americans and 94% of Hispanics listen to 60 hours of music each month? (source)    Of those, millennials are overwhelmingly listening to online radio like Pandora, Blog Talk Radio, and Live365.   Hmmm, armed with this information, what are the best Christmas gifts for your music lover?  Here are our Top 3 picks of gifts for any music lover:   gifts for any music lover    

Echo Headphone Hat


Baby its Cold Outside and I got the hat for you.  Echo’s Headphone Hat has built in headphones sewn right into the hat – not to disturb your listening or your warm comforts.  Aren't they cute?  No more fussing over tangled wires or your ill-fitting hat disturbing you musical flow.

Cost:  $49.99


 Rdio – Play What You Want, When You Want

rdio_gifts_card gifts for any music lover


The perfect gift for music lovers young and old:  No cables.  No Plugs.  No Internet service.  No problem.   It syncs to your mobile device over Wi-Fi.  No computer required.  The service let’s you follow friends, curators, critics, and artist.  What’s on heavy rotation?  The heavy rotation feature works similar to what’s trending on Twitter so you know what people are constantly listening to and talking about.  You can create your own playlist, share your music collection.

Wi-Fi – free for 6 months service Web – Unlimited web streaming for $4.99 a month Unlimited – Unlimited web and mobile streaming for $9.99 a month (with an option to add family members at 50% per account)

Cost: Varies


monster_go_dj_facebook gifts for any music lover

Monster GO DJ



Monster said it is a game changer for the redefined DJ.  This digital turn table system and production studio is portable allowing you to produce and record quality audio anywhere, anytime.  All the controls a DJ needs – touch screen, beat matching, effects, touch sampler, sequencer, line in, EQ, and recorder.

Cost:  $599.00


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