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Stay Stylish With the Monster Inspiration Headphones (Review)

Monster has been  trying to stay strong in the headphone game. Their over-the-ear Monster Inspiration headphones speak loudly of their commitment to style. We all know that they favor stylish headphones. In this review we see how their sound quality measures up as well.


Monster Inspiration Headphones - Analie Cruz - @YummyANA -  Different headbands

I am taking a look at the Monster Inspiration. These are over-the-ear style headphones. Before I go into the review, I should let you know that there are two versions of these headphones. I am reviewing the version that has passive noise cancellation (there is a more expensive version with active noise cancellation). The passive noise cancellation version of the Monster Inspirations cancels out noise with the use of the ear cups to block out the sound.


Monster Inspiration Headphones - Analie Cruz - @YummyANA -  over-the-ear - divas and dorks

As you may have realized when shopping or just by walking down the street that headphones are no longer just audio accessories. A lot more goes into shopping for headphones. You have to consider what would be their main use, traveling to and from work, workout sessions, etc.

Monster Inspiration Headphones - Analie Cruz - @YummyANA -  Box Headbands - Technology Editor


Monster Inspiration – Design

Let’s start with the design of the Inspirations. From afar, these headphones seem to be all about the audio and little to do with style and personalization. They are very solid and squared looking. The rectangular shaped cans have sort of a retro look, but the brushed aluminum gives it the modern touch it needs.

At first glance the Monster Inspirations look like they are heavy and snug, a bit too snug. They are padded pretty much everywhere. The inner side of the headband has ample padding. The square ear cups threw me off a little at first. They didn’t look like they would be comfortable for long. They actually do go over the ear nicely. They have these leather material padding.  They feel nice against your ears and take on most of the load during use.



Monster Inspiration – Fashion

The most notable feature of the Monster Inspirations is the option to customize them. The outer part of the headband can be changed to suit your mood or style. The black on black Inspirations I have, came with a black headband. You can get headbands in solid colors, such as red, blue, brown, or a bit more stylish with the “expression” headband in silver (they have the cubed metal studs). You can also show patriotism with “Country Colors” headband.

Monster Inspiration Headphones - Analie Cruz - @YummyANA -  headbands

Given that Monster and Beats By Dre had a partnership in the past, it makes sense that the Inspirations get compared to the Beats headphones most often. I find these to be a lot more stylish than the Beats headphones. They don’t have a bold in your face look, but they also allow you to throw in a bit of your color and flare.

On each side of the headphone, there is a headphone jack. You can put the audio cable on either side. Someone else can plug in their headphones on the empty 3.5mm jack and they can listen to what you’re listening to. That is great for long road trips or showcasing tracks. Awesome!



Monster Inspiration – Sound Quality and Function

Now that we got the style down, most really wanna know about the audio quality. If you enjoy pop, hip-hop, rap, dub-step; these would be the headphones for you. Listening to pop songs is just great with these. The beat is just lively. Naturals, acoustics aren’t really favored on the Monster Inspirations. They don’t sound terrible, these headphones aren’t ideal for that genre.

Monster Inspiration Headphones - Analie Cruz - @YummyANA - Ear cups - Technology and Gadgets Monster Inspiration Headphones - Analie Cruz - @YummyANA - Audio Jacks - Technology and Gadgets

To test out the headphones I went on Spotify and picked some random tracks, and also tracks that I have listened to for years. It makes it easier to notice the changes in audio. I first listened to The Jacksons – “Can You Feel It?”. The bass on this track was great. Even at 98% of volume the bass wasn’t distorted. The next track “Set Adrift On Memory Bliss” by P.M. Dawn was smooth. The harmonies were clear. The beat had more thump, surprisingly it didn’t overshadow the vocals toooo much. John Mayer’s “Dreaming With a Broken Heart” sounded good also. The piano was way louder and sharper than Mayer’s soft vocals. When jammin’ to Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines (featuring T.I. and Pharrell)”. It felt like a party in my head!

While I rave about the bass quality on the Inspirations, I want you to understand that this isn’t the overbearing bass that you’re used to from Monster or that you might expect from them given their past partnership with Beats by Dre. You have to listen to them to see what I mean about the sound. When looking at the aesthetics of the Monster Inspirations, I automatically assumed that the bass would be heavy, and at times distorted. I was pleasantly surprised.

Monster Inspiration – Fit

Monster Inspiration Headphones - Analie Cruz - @YummyANA -  Fit on Tyson BeckfordI definitely enjoyed these headphones. It still looks classic and mature, but Monster gives you the option to flare it up and style them your own way. It’s nice to be stylish without giving going boldly colorful and plastic.

I was right about the snug feeling. They weren’t snug in a terrible way, but I knew that I wouldn’t last with these on for more than an hour. I like the secure feeling of the Monster Inspirations. They fit nicely and don’t slip off. That of course will depend on the shape of your head. The headband doesn’t bend or alter to shape your head. The most it does, is extend the headband.

These are definitely for smooth rides and walks. Wearing them to and from work wasn’t a bother at all. I definitely do not recommend these for jogging, extremely long periods of wear. I usually wear earbuds on very warm days because I try to avoid adding any weight, and accessories to keep comfortable. These obviously won’t be too comfortable on summer days with the leather and your ears being covered.


What’s In the Box of Monster Inspirations

With the price of the Monster Inspiration headphones ranging from $220 – $250, you expect a lot from the packaging (sort of similar to when you buy an Apple iPad). The Inspiration come in a nice box. When you open the flap up, you see some of the features, along with a note from Monster and a wiping cloth. The headphones are folded up nicely in their fancy carrying case. It has a metal clip to attach to your bag or clothing, etc. Monster also provides three Control Talk audio cables. There is one for Apple devices. It has volume controls and a play/pause center button (with the Monster logo). There is a universal control talk cable with a play/pause button. The third cable is strictly for audio.

Monster Inspiration Headphones - Analie Cruz - @YummyANA Tech Editor -  What's In The Box

Monster Inspiration Headphones - Analie Cruz - @YummyANA - Audio Cables Control Talk Cables- Technology and GadgetsMonster Inspiration Headphones - Analie Cruz - @YummyANA Technology Editor -  What's In The Box


Are you Inspired by These Headphones?

I definitely recommend trying them on before buying. The firm shape and rectangular ear cups won’t suit everyone. If you are comfortable in the molding and style of the Monster Inspirations, you will definitely enjoy your music. These are great for someone in their late twenties. They don’t want to be very colorful, but want a bit of control over the headphones final look. Not everyone will enjoy the weight of these. There is a light version of the Monster Inspiration. Those might be more suitable.  If you’ve used these before let us know how you liked them.

Monster Inspiration Headphones - Analie Cruz - @YummyANA -  Folded - Travel


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