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Mani Monday: DooBop NCLA Designer Nail Wraps #ShopNCLA

Doo Bop NCLA

If you love nail art, but hate paying expensive nail salon prices or messy D-I-Y alternatives, DooBop NCLA Designer Nail Wraps are for you!  Designed exclusively by NCLA for DooBop. This set of 26 self-adhesive nail wraps and a nail file makes it so easy to get a stylish nail art manicure at home.

Doo Bop NCLA

This mani Monday, I wanted to tackle the accent nail and the best way to curate a punch to your manicure is with ready-to-wear nail wraps.  After receiving a variety of exclusive DooBop NCLA nail wraps in "Afropolitian", "Patina" and "Spot On!" I opted to pair my peach-mango hued mani with the Bohemian hues of coral, lavender, turquoise and peach found in the DooBop NCLA Patina set.

Doo Bop NCLA

  Prepping the nail and application is really easy.  The four step process isn't at all cumbersome and depending on how much of a nail-perfectionist you are, you can apply your manicure makeover in as little as five minutes or less. Step 1:  Clean your nails with nail polish remover, apply a coat of clear nail polish and let dry. Step 2:  After selecting the right size strip for each nail, apply the round side against the cuticle and stretch the nail wrap until it neatly covers the nail bed.  

Doo Bop NCLA

Step 3:  Once in place, flattened the wrap from the cuticle to the top of the nail and smooth out the bubbles/creases until the wrap is completely flat. Step 4:  Use the nail file to remove the leftover nail wrap from the top of the nail and apply a coat of clear polish to lock in the shine and go!

Doo Bop NCLA

The DooBop NCLA Designer Nail Wraps are also great alternatives if you're "in between" manicures and are in need of a stylish quick fix to your unkept finger tips.  I can't wait to try out the tribal print inspired Afropolitian and Spot On! wraps in the next few weeks.  Which one should I try out first?

Doo Bop NCLA

Want to get your finger tips on the DooBop NCLA Designer Nail Wraps?  Get them exclusively online at


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