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Looking For Holiday Gifts For The Family? “Tech” the Halls This Season!

Let’s face it…we can’t all go out and buy tablets or iPads for that tech-savvy person on our Christmas shopping lists. With what seems to be a new device releasing almost every other week, it might be hard to pick the perfect gift for techie in your life. Don’t worry! We’ve prepared a list of gift ideas that will please both your wallet and your cyber crazy friends and family.


Keep It Old School


Gaming has changed drastically since the days of Monopoly and Connect Four. Today, most of our favorite games are right at our fingertips (literally). If you’re looking for a way to get the family around the table after Christmas dinner or have high hopes of bringing family game night back to your household, you could gift some of the current favorites that have been morphed into board games. Hasbro® has turned the popular social game, Words With Friends, into a board game that’s sure to be fun for the whole family. Now we can all do our smack talking face-to-face when we get those triple word scores.





If your techie happens to be a little younger, Hasbro® and Disney also gave life to the popular app, Where’s My Water?, where you can help Swampy the Alligator get water for his showers. Both games are available at various retailers for only $19.99

Fab and Functional

Even though the weather outside might get frightful, some of us still can’t bear the thought of leaving our phones in our purse or pocket until we reach our destination. If the techie on your list is inseparable from their smartphone, SmarTouch gloves might not be a bad idea. Isotoner SmarTouch gloves give you full use of any touch screen device. The thumb and index fingers have non-scratch materials woven into the tips that enable you to operate your devices while keeping your hands warm and toasty. They come in various styles and colors and can be found for as low as $16.95 on

Ladies, if your guys does the classic “Keys? Wallet? Phone?” routine before you guys leave the house, BookBook for iPhone by Twelve South is probably a great choice for him. Designed to look like a pocket-sized book, this product is made to hold an iPhone as well as most items that a guy would carry in his wallet. Current designs even come with a small tab attached where keys can be connected. If he knows where his wallet is, you guys can save time when he does that roll call before heading out the door. BookBook cases can be purchased online at for only $59.99.

So, forget about breaking the bank or avoiding buying a gift for the social media maverick on your gift list this year. Think outside the box and you can come up with the perfect gift they’re sure to love!


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