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Like A Boss: Five Essential Business Apps To Get The Job Done

Looking for the best way to step up your business productivity?  There's no better time to evaluate your professional strategy and it all starts with going mobile!  The world of business is a very demanding place - pressure to perform well and climb the corporate ladder is everywhere, schedules are hectic, and it's easy to be disorganized if we don’t plan things well. Our schedules account for a lot of things for the business, travel to meetings, and to grow and maintain a network of clients, suppliers, and more. You don't have to be overwhelmed, simply utilize some of the top apps business professionals use and begin to make your life a whole lot easier.  Discover just a few of our favorite apps below!     LinkedIn Building a network is one of the most important steps in being successful in business, and LinkedIn is one of the best business apps for professionals. The app has the same functions as the website has, like discussing in your groups, and checking out people’s profiles, but the platform and format is tailored for the iPhone so it is more easy and comfortable to use. Whether you are a new college graduate or a seasoned vet of your industry, the LinkedIn app is a must have.   Camcard This app helps you store and organize your business cards. By utilizing the iPhone’s camera, it recognizes the information on the business card and stores the data to its address book. All you have to do is take a picture of the business card, and Camcard will extract the name, address, and other contact information. It’s useful when you have a lot of business cards and you do not want to bring them everywhere you go.   Expensify If you are managing business expenses, or you just want to effectively manage your budget and resources, Expensify is a great app to use. It can store and track your receipts and easily make expense reports. It also tracks mileage for business or personal travel. For expenses, you take a picture of the receipt and then choose the report where the receipt will be accounted (in which report and category). It is the most convenient app for creating expense reports and will save you from a lot of stress.   TripIt One of the best apps for business professionals who regularly travel, TripIt in itself is very unique. You send an confirmation email to and it will send you a detailed itinerary of your trip before you leave. This app can locate and manage hotel check ins, car and other rental services and all the things that go along with travel. You can also sync your trips to your other organizing apps, and edit them. There’s a paid and free version of TripIt, but either way, it is highly recommended app for business or personal travels.   SignEasy This app does one of the most important things in business - which is enabling you to easily and conveniently put your signature to documents such as contracts, receipts, reports, agreements, and papers in PDF. SignEasy saves you from a lot of headaches on having to scan your signatures and place them on documents because you can do it directly through the app. This is for every business professional who wishes to sign documents and store them in a fast and easy way.   Some of these apps are free and some have a price, but one things is sure - these apps will surely be of great use as you continue in your business. Life will be more convenient and you can focus more on doing great in your company and other important things. What apps are you currently using for corporate or your small business ventures?  Share your favorite apps in the comment section below!  


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