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Last Minute Tech Gifts For Mom (That’ll Make You The Mother’s Day Hero!)

With Mother's Day this weekend, you're surely racking your brain for the perfect gadget to give to show appreciation for everything dear Mom's given you in life.  Here are our top picks at prices you can afford!  

Aluminum iPad Keyboard Case ($76.99)

The Aluminum iPad Keyboard Case is the perfect metallic companion for your iPad. Made from aircraft aluminum with a bead-blasted, anodized finish, it matches the design, look, and feel of your Apple device. Its innovative hinge provides a multitude of viewing angles in both portrait and landscape mode. Best of all, the built-in Bluetooth keyboard allows for fast, responsive typing.    

GE X500 Camera ($114)

We had to check twice to make sure the price of the GE 14MP X500 camera was correct after seeing how well online test images turned out. It performed better than our own higher priced point-and-shoot, and also offered the customization options (19 scene modes and image stabilization) of something five times its price. If you're looking to get mom a new camera but if it's the picture quality you're after, and for less than $150, we're sure Mom will consider it a wise investment.    

Converge - USB Charging Hub ($39.99)

Converge is the futon of charging hubs. Its white folds remind us of a bendy futon mattress, but it has the added feature of a slot to slip in charging cables. With the help of soft TPE grips, cables stay nestled out of sight behind Converge. Just plug the power source into your nearest outlet and you can charge up to 4 USB devices while they chill out on Converge's curvy frame.    

Nook Simple Touch With GlowLight ($139)

Mom's been known to fall asleep with the lights on midchapter of a book just about every night, driving Dad, with the sensitive sleeping habits, crazy. End the nightly bickering with the latest update to the Nook ereader, the Simple Touch With GlowLight. Enough subtle light to keep Mom reading as long as she wants, without the harsh LCD glare and brightness of a reading lamp that could keep others awake.  

FridgePad - Magnetic Refrigerator Mount for iPad ($49.99) In comes FridgePad, ready to save the day! It's the best no-tools iPad mount on the market and holds your iPad or iPad2 to the fridge so tightly that you can slam the door without fear. Check your email while waiting for coffee to brew, listen to music while washing the dishes, or catch up on your favorite TV shows while getting a bite to eat. Need to charge your iPad too? The super long PowerLine makes a great companion for the FridgePad.


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