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Keep Your New Year Resolutions the Tech-Savvy Way

Okay.  It’s that time again.  You know what it is.  We all do it.  We announce it; put it in the atmosphere for all to hear – a few months later we drop off.  We forget and then regret that we did not keep our RESOLUTIONS.  It’s okay – try again!  As we reflect on what we have and have not accomplished in 2012, whether your New Year’s resolution is to reform a habit, complete a project, achieve a personal or professional goal, resolutions can be hard to accomplish.  But with the right tools we can attempt to accomplish goals and make them easier to manage.  These websites and apps will help you stay on track with your New Year’s resolutions efficiently.


Resolution #1 – Exercise/Lose Weight


Managing your workout and diet has just become so much easier with the integration of RuntasticPro and MyFitnessPal.  Runtastic Pro is the fitness app that monitors and tracks your workout in real-time.  Want to go for a walk, in the app pick your workout activity and your session will begin using the apps GPS, timer and duration.  It tracks your average speed, distance, and calories burned.  You can also add your current weight, weight loss goals and your statistics.  The calories burned are then transferred to MyFitnessPal app.  MyFitnessPal app is a calorie counter and food tracker.  It has every food source available in the app, from every mainstream restaurant and grocery store, to your favorite coffee house.  For example, let’s say you burned 200 calories walking using Runtastic Pro and your daily calorie intake goal is 1280 calories in MyFitnessPal; Your 200 calories burned is imported into MyFitnessPal which gives you and extra 200 calories to eat at 1480 calories.  MyFitnessPal also tracks your progress in weight loss and body measurement.  So, no more adding information manually into different apps – these two work together seamlessly.


Resolution #2 –Learn

Expanding your mind does not have to be an expensive endeavor.  Your aim might not include getting a college degree, but may include lifelong learning and curiosity.  There are several sources around the web that offer FREE online learning to jumpstart you learning a new skill, a second language, or a hobby.  Here are a few of the best sites to try:



iTunes University

One of the best apps for learning, iTunes University was created in collaboration of universities and other schools to offer mostly free online educational lectures and video.  Courses include foreign language, engineering, computer science, math, science, english, etc.







Open Courseware Consortium

The Open Courseware Consortium is a collaboration of universities around the world to offer free college level educational courses online that include course material and supplemental content.  A few universities include Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, MIT, Tufts, UC Irvine, University of Michigan, UMASS Boston, University of Notre Dame, and several foreign colleges.


Resolution #3 Read More

Promoted as a website for book lovers, is a place to build your personal bookshelf, review books and give your recommendations.  You can also see other readers’ reviews and recommendations and join author discussion boards.




Resolution #4 Organize Your Life

Key Ring

keyringlogoconsumer-slide4Don’t you just haste all those rewards mini cards handing from your key ring?  Or having to fumble through your purse to find that rewards card yet again.  No More.





corkulousAre you into creating vision boards?  Well Corkulous is an app for that.  With Corkulous you can create vision boards used for vacation planning, mind mapping, ideas, projects, and to do list.  It works with Dropbox and iCloud.





Resolution #5 Be Informed



Have different interest but don’t know how to manage it all for a cohesive online experience.  Flipboard solves that problem.  You can stay informed in all news, web, and social media in an organized, beautifully curated app that resembles a glossy magazine.

Now that you have a few more valuable apps in your Resolution arsenal, which resolution will you start on first?  Share below.


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