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Keep A Watchful Eye On What’s Important With The Belkin NetCam HD

Belkin NetCam HD Verizon Wireless DivasandDorks

  Whether it's your home, kids, office area (cubicle included) or mischievous pets - keeping a watchful eye on what's important to you with the Belkin NetCam HD could be your next best tech investment.  Recently, I got the chance to check out the Belkin NetCam HD from Verizon Wireless and the unit could not have arrived at a better time.  There have been a couple of random times where I've come home from a long day to find that my pet chihuahua (Phoebe) has escaped from her kennel and finding solace and sleep in my comfortable bed.  (I'm not THAT pet parent to sleep with dogs, so you KNOW I wasn't a happy camper finding pet hair in my bed.)  But I couldn't figure out for the life of me, how she's escaped.  Until now.  

Belkin NetCam HD Verizon Wireless DivasandDorks

  Using the Belkin NetCam HD, I mounted the over my bedroom door positioned at an angle where I can see both Phoebe and my bed.  The view angle of the camera can be adjusted using the swivel style base.  The bottom of the base has screw slots, so it is possible to mount the base on a flat surface and / or a wall.  With the Belkin NetCam, you won’t need an ethernet cable or be required to dork around with settings on your router. All you will need is an iOS or Android device with WiFi capability and a WiFi router setup in the location where you plan to mount the netcam.  

Belkin NetCam HD Verizon Wireless DivasandDorks

  After mounting the camera, I downloaded the free app on my iPhone 5s (the app looks identical on an Android device too).  Once I went through the easy steps to configure the camera with the app, I was well on my way to figuring out this doggy mystery.  Since the camera itself alerts me via smartphone to any motion it detects (even using night vision), it was only a matter of time until I discovered Phoeobe's escape artistry first hand.   Bad Dog     You can keep a watchful eye on what's important to you with a Belkin NetCam HD of your own from Verizon Wireless.  Try your luck by entering to WIN inside the Diva Days Of Christmas giveaway or get yours for $129.99 directly from    


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  1. While the Belkin NetCam certainly wouldn’t replace your home security system, it does function as a plausible add-on worth considering if you’re looking for something unique, or even a conversation piece over dinner, the NetCam is obviously ground zero for a bigger technology round the corner

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