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Keep In Shape The Fun Way With Zumba Dance For Tablets

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Do you remember the Zumba?  Well the dance craze that swept the nation is back bigger and better than before on a tablet near you.  Majesco Entertainment teamed up with global lifestyle brand Zumba to develop the ideal solution to maintaining a healthy routine while on the go: Zumba Dancethe first fitness game for tablets for iPadAndroid and Amazon.  I remember trying out a Zumba class or two, as much as I loved them, my schedule didn’t love that anxious rush to the gym in order to claim my spot in Zumba class on time.  As a matter of fact, I knew a few people that became certified Zumba instructors, just so they could teach the class during timeframes that worked best for them.  Ultimately many people fall off the fitness wagon because of lack of time or schedule conflicts, and that’s where Zumba  Dance comes into play.  Making it’s way from fitness clubs, the easy to set up app brings the high-intensity dance class to your office or home in seconds.



Using your iPad’s front-facing camera, Zumba Dance implements motion-tracking technology by tracking your moves as you follow along and dance through six various songs. (Just note, you’ll need ample space to ensure that the game can see you and monitor your movements.)  Since Zumba Dance is identical to the live classes and console video games, many of the routines are anchored in repetitive steps and easy to grasp ahold of after a little practice – just know that you’re using a tablet camera and you might not get credit for correct performance 100% of the time — but hey, if you’re doing Zumba in your bedroom – I wouldn’t expect you to hit each step dead on anyways.


That’s where the practice comes in. Zumba Dance gives you the options to practice moves, track your daily progress, or set up a fitness plan that will push you to burn a set number of calories each day. The game also offers longer class sessions so you can create your own personalized, rigorous workouts however (and whenever) you please.  The initial app price is $4.99 and starts you out with a decent variety of six songs and multiple class length options, however after awhile, if you begin to get bored with your workout you may want to consider unlocking all of the Zumba Dance greatness with the in-app purchase of $24.99 for 3-hours of routines, 43 dance tracks (include LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It”) and tons more bells and whistles.

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Personally, I’m not a hard-core gamer, but I’m excited for this fitness alternative to be available on my tablet and just in time to get a head-start on the holiday (and New Year) dieting and exercise season (Because of course the only thing I want to see jiggling at Thanksgiving dinner is the cranberry sauce).  Looking to break a sweat, burn some calories and do it all on your time and schedule, Zumba Dance has got it – and you can get it for your tablet via iTunes, Google Play or Amazon today.




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  1. jessica more says:

    This is fun and a good idea, you can dance anywhere you like..

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