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Jason Wu for Target: wU-Haul

Jason Wu for Target finally hit store shelves on Sunday, February 5th and if you’re a size medium or larger, you were pleasantly surprised at what you found on store shelves way after the shopping crowds died down.


I’ve been a fan of designer Jason Wu for a while now and we’ve covered several of his collaborations inside and outside of the fashion arena. ┬áSince the initial announcement of the Jason Wu for Target line being released there was a lot of murmurings & rumors questioning the designs and if the sizes would run true to size or possibly smaller. You’d imagine my surprise when I arrived to Target to find that in fact the sizes ran rather larger than expected. (I won’t reveal my actual number – but let’s just say that I snagged more than a few “Large” items to add to my wardrobe…) Check out a few of my cute finds below…

The Jason Wu for Target Trench Coat $54.99

Honestly, I wasn’t even in the shopping mood for a coat. But the subtile pink/lace accents and overall fit of this trench coat definitely made it worth a try and a buy…

Jason Wu for Target Flared Dress (Black) $59.99

This dress jumped out at me (literally!) as the only dress of it’s kind left on the rack, I officially snatched this Audrey Hepburne-esque frock with glee! There’s just something about a frilly, flared dress that takes me back to dressing up in huge pomp & circumstance fashion for Sunday service as a child…Ah, the memories…

Jason Wu for Target Long-Sleeve Pointelle Sweater in Red $39.99

Believe it or not, a long comfy red sweater has been on my shopping “bucket” list for a while now. (You know, that list of staple items that you want to add to your wardrobe, but in my case – you keep forgetting to…) I like my red sweater, it leaves me with a Mr. Rogers vibe… (…And who doesn’t remember Mr. Rogers?)

Jason Wu for Target Sleeveless Chiffon Dress (Navy Floral w/ Gold Belt) $39.99

Every girl needs a “happy dress”, you know – a dress with colors, patterns or shapes that when you look at it, you can’t help but be happy. In this case, nothing says “happy” like flowers & the color yellow – since this dress has both, consider it my very own “happy dress.”

Jason Wu for Target Cat Print Tee $17.99

Before you go and judge me for picking out the most obvious marketed design of the Jason Wu for Target Collection, hear me out first. I’ve been traveling A LOT lately and nothing is more comfortable while on a 5hr + flight than an oversized comfy tee, leggings & oversized shades (this has been my uniform coast to coast). Plus, I was able to negotiate $2 off the regular price – so duh, why wouldn’t I buy it? LOL

Jason Wu For Target Straw Clutch $29.99

Last but not least, well you can simply call this one an impulse buy! *hangs head in shame* However, I am in the process of purging myself of carrying larger than life hobo bags (which at one point consistently weighed more than the size of an average 4 year old child)…so technically, I think this was one of those impulse buys that won’t leave me with buyers remorse later…

There you have it folks! Thanks to a few of my fellow budget-conscious fashionistas, you guys helped me settle on these looks while I was still inside of the dressing room… I can’t wait to mix and match them with some of my closet favorites soon :)




5 Responses to “Jason Wu for Target: wU-Haul”

  1. Robin says:

    I love the black dress! Great finds. The whole Jason Wu hysteria kept me far away from Target this weekend.

    I'm glad to see someone who will actually wear the clothes and love them, rather than some creepy old guy who's marking up the price and re-selling the pieces on Ebay.

  2. Melissa says:

    Love your fitting room photos! The red cardi was a staple for me too. Been wanting one for so long! Love it layered over the floral dress, it's amazing! I lucked out with this collection and got what I wanted :) Had to get up early, but it was worth it. Enjoy, and congrats!

  3. Candace says:

    Nice! I'm still pretty pissed I missed out on this sale…

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