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Is Keeping Up Social Media Hard Work?

“In the Sharepocalypse hundreds (if not thousands) of online friends share content with us across various social networks, culminating in massive information overload. Our lives will become more fragmented, we will lose productivity, and we’ll perpetually be playing catch up.” via


Why is it so hard keeping up with social media?

A long, long time ago the internet was such a simpler time hosting such things as chatrooms, then came along sites like BlackPlanet and MySpace making connecting via the internet so exciting, cool and fun. When Facebook was born (exclusively for college co-eds) I wasn’t at all interested in it…in fact, I was sort of like a stubborn old lady who dare not venture into the unknown.  Somehow, curiousity killed the cat and viola, my Facebook profile was born.  Somewhere between updating Facebook statuses, tweeting, tumbling, YouTubing, GPlusing it out and being “graded” by Klout – things got out of control and it’s no longer remained innocent social sharing, it became hard work.

Why else do you think large corporations hire social media specialists specifically with the task of engaging consumers/fans?  It’s no easy task or joyride – I’m sure of it!

“The Sharepocalypse causes (and is caused by) social overload — an evolution of information overload. Because the distinctions between each social network are not entirely clear, we feel obligated to maniacally juggle different apps and social networks just to keep up and be heard everywhere.”

I’m juggling…what about you?

It’s been about a year now and we’ve been connected via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Klout and more… If you’re like me – and believe that keeping up with social media is hard work, let’s talk about it!  Let me know what apps, habits or tendencies you have to make it a little easier to bear…please and thank you 🙂



4 Responses to “Is Keeping Up Social Media Hard Work?”

  1. Tiffani says:

    I thought I was the only one that didn't think social networking was fun anymore.

  2. Totally. I used to be very private and just had a Facebook page, now I've joined the social media wave, with my blog The Zen Mom, Facebook fan page, Twitter, now Google++ etc… I love learning learning more about social media and sharing insight everyday, but it does get overwhelming.

  3. glamazini says:

    LOL @ "Sharepocolypse". Basically I stay sane by choosing my focus, gaurding it like a ferocious dog and not jumping onto every social media bandwagon that comes by no matter how much people tell me I should.

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