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Introducing A Trial Program for Luxury Phone Cases: Case-Mate StyleBox

Believe it or not, smartphone accessories are a major part of the wardrobe. A smartphone case is as important as the color of the smartphone itself. But some cases are just to difficult to decide between. Case-Mate has come up with a way to let you try out some of their best cases, making it easier to decide which ones to keep. Introducing the Case-Mate StyleBox, the world’s first-risk-free trial program for luxury smartphone cases.

Case-Mate StyleBox - Casemate Style Box

How Does the Case-Mate StyleBox Work?

1. Select Your StyleBox

Choose one of the unique StyleBox assortments shown below that have been curated by our stylists

2. Choose Your Device

StyleBox assortments are available for the iPhone 5/5S & Samsung Galaxy S 4

3. Keep Your Favorites, Return the Rest

Try your StyleBox assortment for 7 days — shipping is on us!

Simply keep the ones you want and return the rest. The more you keep, the more you save!

The Case-Mate luxury cases range in price from $30 – $140.

* Limit one (1) per customer


Case-Mate StyleBox Options

Right now Case-Mate is offering  4 StyleBox options. You can select the StyleBox for the iPhone 5/5S of the Samsung Galaxy S 4.


Case-Mate StyleBox Ansley Style Box copy

the ANSLEY Stylebox

Curated to enhance the look of the elegantly styled woman, the Ansley is inspired by fine jewelry that shimmers.
The sophisticated design of each case in the Ansley Stylebox is ready to wear day or night as a tribute to the timeless appeal of rich sparkle and shine.

the INMAN Stylebox

Perfect for “girls-night-out,” the Inman features a stylish assortment of contemporary designs for the modern woman.
Our selective approach to identifying and sourcing beautifulsubstrates with superior accents, patterns, colors and textures result in products that are timeless in quality and worthy of admiration.

Case-Mate StyleBox Habersham Style box copy


the HABERSHAM Stylebox

From the office to the treadmill, the Habersham will help you button up for work or let loose for the weekend.
This collection of cases is designed to accent a wardrobe of high-end casual wear while also complementing today’s stylish athletic apparel.

the PONCE Stylebox

For the trendsetter on the leading edge of fashion, the Ponce features modern looks inspired by vintage luxury.
This ageless collection creates a classic look that is a staple of sophisticated style.

The StyleBox by Case-Mate is similar to those shoe and jewelry subscription service you see. Did you think that smartphone cases would be so on demand that they would start one for them? Case-mate is definitely onto something here!


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