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InstaHacks: No More Accidental Liking, Netflix And Chill Button + Get Paid To Travel



Ever found yourself snooping on an old flame’s Instagram page, only to make the mistake and double-tap a picture from 129 weeks ago?  Oh rookie, there’s an app to make sure you never make that lurking and liking mistake again.  What about stepping up your cuffing season strategy with little help from tech?  Just in time for Fall, there’s a new prototype that’ll create the perfect Netflix and chill setting for anyone. Not quite ready for hibernation, Netflix is looking for you!  Grammasters is back. If you want to get paid to travel and take pictures of amazing film and TV locations, discover how to work with Netflix and more InstaHacks below!



Bye Bye Lurking Mistakes

Instasnoop  is an app that allows you to check out anyone’s profile (as long as it’s public) and snoop to your heart’s content by disabling likes, tagging and commenting. You don’t need to be afraid of accidentally double-tapping on a photo and liking it — whew. No more embarrassing encounters with your frenemy from college.


Also, Instasnoop has the added capability of being able to ZOOM IN to a photo, so you can check out exactly who that girl is in the back who looks like your old neighbor from childhood. All you need is an Instagram account that you’ve authorized Instasnoop to access. Plus! If you have people you check on the reg — maybe your work crush or your brother’s new gf — you can add them to a SnoopList that you can easily access with the tap of an icon. (free on iOS)



“Netflix and chill” button

Remember the first time you heard the phrase “Netflix and Chill”? There’s now an official “Netflix and chill” button that you can hack together to bring your binge watching/couch potato activities to the next level. Not currently available for purchase, this maker-made button is an all-in-one: it can turn on your smart TV, open up the Netflix app, dim your Phillips Hue lights, silence your phone, order you food, etc all with the push of one button. Yes. It is very DIYable (head to The Switch website for instructions).

netflix switch





Netflix Grammasters

Want to get paid to travel and take pictures of amazing film and TV locations?! Duh, you do! Netflix also has a super cool program for Instagrammers called Grammasters. Netflix is on the hunt for three accomplished Instagrammers – or what it calls “Grammasters” – to explore the US (and other locations throughout the American continent, possibly) while taking “beautiful pictures for Netflix Instagram channels.” All travel arrangements will be taken care of by Netflix, with the job involving shooting content at “iconic film and television locations.” You might even find yourself on the sets of Netflix originals or other “awesome shows and films.”  So, how to apply. First, you’ll have to join the thousands of others and become a follower of Netflix’s Instagram account.follow-netflix After that, then you’ll have to add the hashtag #Grammasters to your best three Instagram shots so the judges can see if your work is likely to be worth the $4,000 paycheck.


 Good Luck!





These are just a few of the latest trending InstaHacks going on, what are some of your favs?  Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram too @DivasandDorks





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