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Instagram Web Embed Feature Added – How To Embed Instagram Pics


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Instagram is just full of updates it seems. It used to be difficult to show our instagrammed pics. It was usually through a link or following the person. But Instagram don’t want you to limit your filtered pics through the app only, they have introduced a new feature; Instagram Web Embeds.


Yes, you no longer have to say “Check on Instagram” for friends to see your beautifully filtered pics!

Now, when you visit an Instagram photo or video page on your desktop web browser, you’ll see a new share button on the right side of your photo (just under the comments button). Click the button to see the embed code. Copy the block of text it gives you and paste it into your blog, website or article. When you hit publish, the photo or video will appear.

Instagram Embed Feature

As always, you own your photos and videos, and we want to make sure that’s understood no matter where your content appears. Whether you want to embed your video on your blog or a friend wants to feature your photo on a website, everyone will clearly see that your content belongs to you. Your embedded photo or video appears with your Instagram username, and clicking on the Instagram logo will take people to your page on where they can discover more of your photos and videos.

— From the Instagram Blog


No need to worry private instagrammers! Instagram Embed feature is available only  for those who keep their photos public.

Instagram Embed Feature Button

So how can you embed Instagram pics? Check out the directions below :



How can I embed Instagram photos or videos on a web page?

To get an embed code for an Instagram photo or video, you’ll need to visit the post on the web:

  1. Go to[username]
  2. Click on the post to expand it
  3. Click  on the right side of the post
  4. Copy the embed code that appears and paste it into your web page’s HTML

People whose posts are set to private won’t have the option to get an embed code.

Note: As with all embed codes on Tumblr, you’ll only be able to use Instagram embed codes on Tumblr Video posts.


How many find this feature useful? Do you like Instagram’s filters more than Twitter’s? 


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