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IMO: The Days Of Apple’s Surprising Advances Died With Steve Jobs

Sorry Tim, but I don’t believe you…


Is it me, or are the days of surprising technological and mobile advances from Apple long gone?  It’s taken me a few days to figure out the right way to express not only my disappointment with the new Apple iPhone 5 but with execution of the entire announcement lineup of Apple iPhone, earpods and ipods at last week’s event.  What happened to the glitter, the magic & the pizzaz?  Could it be that almost every single announcement made by Tim Cook and friends had already been leaked online within the last 6 months?  Sure, that’s partial blame for my disappointment, but there’s so much more.

Not only was the iPhone 5 announcement lack-luster in pomp and circumstance, it’s also came up considerably short when compared to the latest releases from Windows & Samsung.  I can remember like it was yesterday, as each iPhone 5 feature was announced I kept thinking to myself (and tweeting) “…but doesn’t the SIII do that AND MORE?”  Apparently, I wasn’t the only one with that opinion.  It’s been announced that Samsung is launching a rather snarky ad campaign directly targeting the “Genius” of Apple and the iPhone 5.  As well they should (in my opinion) – the Samsung Galaxy SIII blows the iPhone 5 away note for note in comparison.  Check out the ad below…



Which brings me to my point.  If you know that your product is not going to outperform the competition, at least you can present it as if it will cure world hunger, repair the ozone layer & fix the economy in one fail swoop.  What I mean to say is, if your phone isn’t technologically the best on the market, you better put lipstick on that pig & convince me that it is!

I fondly remember the days where Steve Jobs would parade across the stage in his fancy black turtleneck and wrangler jeans expressing how Apple’s newest advancement would change the world.  The way he expressed each new function of the iPod, iPhone, iPad, MacBooks & iTunes truly made me believe that Apple’s computing machines were made of mystic, magic and were indeed the greatest inventions known to man.  But now, with the competition running neck to neck with features & tech advancements – Apple more than ever needs to revive it’s mystery (maybe via a Steve Jobs hologram at the next keynote perhaps) and reclaim it’s glorious spot as the beloved lifestyle brand that could do no wrong.  Sure, I got a kick out of the iPhone news leaks prior to the event, but if Apple doesn’t keep those lips tight & create major improvements right – their future grip on the mobile market may not be tight enough, leaving another mobile brand to take the top spot.

That’s (I)n (M)y (O)pinion… What’s yours?



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