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If Only He Had The Type N Walk App…

Yesterday, I saw a poor guy typing on his iPhone get pummeled by a bicyclist in Union Square and I though to myself, “If only he had the Type N Walk app…” (well, at first I thought…. Daaaaaaang, he really should’ve been looking up! Then I thought about the app.)  What is the Type N Walk app you ask?

 Type n Walk is a new iPhone app that lets you see what’s in front of you while typing and walking.

How does it work?
Type n Walk displays a transparent viewport of what’s directly in front of you. This combined with your peripheral vision is just enough visual information to help you avoid obstacles — like walking face-first into a tree!

Despite the name, Type n Walk is useful while you’re sitting or standing too. Use it anytime you would like to keep an eye on your surroundings while you type.

What can you do with it?
Type n Walk was designed to work with your favorite apps — not try to replace them. Use it to compose your email, text message, status update, or tweet and paste it into your target app (or the browser) to send.

Some examples of use:

  • Tweet — paste into your Twitter client of choice (or website) and send.
  • Facebook status update — paste into the Facebook app (or website) and send.
  • Texting (SMS) — paste into the native Messages app and send.
  • Email — paste into the native Mail app (or web mail) and send.

In fact, Type n Walk works with any app that accepts copy and paste and any website that works correctly in Mobile Safari.  And for $0.99 in iTunes (Android users there are some similar apps for download as well.) it’s a great app to buy for those moments where multitasking can become deadly.  (I’m just sayin…and by the way, the guy was alright but he had the nerve to be mad afterwards! LOL)


2 Responses to “If Only He Had The Type N Walk App…”

  1. BrothaTech says:

    At least he didn't run into a bear while texting…this guy surely could've used this app:

  2. Toya says:

    What a cool app!!!

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