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How To Shop For Your Fashionable Man This Holiday Season!

There used to be a time when it was very difficult to shop for a man; there really was not much to choose from, and the fabrics appeared to be all the same.  But now?  PLEASE. MAJOR fashion improvements! We are absolutely adoring and addicted to each season's men fashion trends! With  looks that embody the same complexities as men themselves, they are tailored, funky, colorful, fun, and have accessorized accents JUST as much as the ladies!

However, shopping for the man in your life can be a daunting task, from style to quality - you need to know what works for him and what to look for.  But when you do it the right way — when you know what to look for and how to make your money go the extra mile — it becomes less of an obligation and more of an opportunity. For better stuff, for better savings, or for something that will set you, your man and your gift apart this holiday season!


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The Suit

Check the seams on the inside of the jacket. If they're hand-sewn, you'll see one single thread running in a wavy pattern; if they're machine-sewn, you'll see two threads joined in a chainlike pattern. Hand-sewn stitches are generally more resilient.  

The Shoes

Bend the shoe to simulate walking. If the leather is still wrinkled after it has returned to the flat position, that's a sign of shoddy leather.

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The Overcoat

Make sure it's wool. Or cashmere. Or a blend of both. And, if possible, waterproof. Trust us.

The Trousers

If we're talking button-fly, count the number of buttons. If there are two or less, you're asking for trouble.  Have them tailored to a one-inch break so only a little cloth drapes over his shoes.

Men have no excuse now…they don’t have to leave home wearing the same “basic brown or black”, or the typical “baby blue button up and khakis”. The doors have been opened for them to express themselves freely fashion-wise, having an amazing time w bright colors and prints!

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From toddlers in tuxedos, to the effortlessly sexy Aiden Shaw in linen, men (and little boys) now have a wider platform to obtain some of today’s trendy fashions! No excuses, men! Try a look that is tailored to your body type; try a pop of color w your suit, whether it be in your tie or your socks; express yourself! (And ladies, if you have to usher your man into a sexier, sophisticated you have to tools and tips for what to look for and make your holiday shopping season a littler easier.)


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