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How To: Get Better Battery Life On Apple iOS 7

For the many of consumers who have yet to upgrade to the Apple iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c but got iOS 7 software upgrade, you may have noticed that it may have taken a toll on your already short battery life.  Now that a few weeks have passed, you can tell if this is detrimental to your battery.

Apple iOS 7 - how to get better battery life apple ios 7

Apple's redesigned mobile software added some much-needed functionality along with a visual makeover.  But its not the big changes that are causing loss of battery power but the smaller things that are running in the background constantly. Check out some of these tweaks that will help you extend battery life.

How To Get Better Battery Life On iOS 7- iOS 7 settings (1)

How To Get Better Battery Life on Apple iOS 7:

  • Automatic App Updates (Settings > iTunes + App Store > Turn off Apps) - the new software allows you to refresh apps automatically like on Android.  Save on juice and turn it off!
  • Background App Refresh (Settings > General > Background App Refresh) - iOS 7 beefs up the multitasking for your iPhone by keeping apps running in the background.  Stop it if you don't need it and more than likely don't.
  • Location Services (Settings > Privacy > Location Services) - this uses your GPS w/ Wi-Fi & cell tower support to determine your location for mapping & geotagging services.  Turn most or all of them off unless you use Maps/Google Maps, Siri, & Weather.
  • Spotlight Search Indexing (Settings >  General > Spotlight Search) - the universal search for iOS got better by tracking new data from anything you do.  If you don't use it then kill it.
  • Set Auto-Lock to 1 minute or less
  • Turn off the Music EQ
  • Use headphones instead of the speaker if you have to listen to audio or music
  • Turn down the screen brightness or use auto-brightness
  • Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not using it
  • Set all Mail, Contacts, and Calendar accounts to Fetch instead of receiving Push notifications

How To Get Better Battery Life On iOS 7- iOS 7 settings (2)

Hopefully these tips will help you out by getting your battery life to last a bit longer before having to look for your charger. How long does your battery last you during the day? Did these tips help you out in any way?


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