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How SXSW Will Be Won! (Predictions)

I have read hundreds of articles, tweeted tons of experienced SXSW’ers and still don’t think I’m quite prepared for SXSW….which makes me 1. Completely terrified and 2.  Completely stoked!!!  Since I believe the best experiences come from just letting go and flying by the seat of your pants – I’m super excited to visit a new city, and as a conference-newby I can’t wait to experience the highlights and possibly make the same mistakes as the SWSW’ers that came before me…



I predict that no matter my preparation, the following will definitely happen in Austin…

5.  I’ll probably pack 2-4 different pair of cute shoes and pumps but end up wearing my comfy leather UGG boots the entire time.

4.  I’ll meet 10-15 social media superstars that I follow on Twitter in person & bug the heck out of them with my many, many questions. (Have you followed @DivasandDorks on Twitter yet?)

3.  At least two of my favorite @DivasandDorks tees will get stained with BBQ Sauce (After all, going to Austin and not consuming an obscene amount of BBQ is just uncivilized.)

2.  After reading all of the “How To Prepare for SXSW” Guides, I’ll still become ridiculously OVERWHELMED!

1.  I will finally meet up with some awesome social media friends that know what they’re doing & they won’t be able to get rid of me. (“Hey, Where you going?  Can I tag along?”)


Ultimately, no matter what happens at SXSW (I could party like a Rockstar or sit in as many conference sessions until I’m blue in the face) – either way I’LL WIN!  (Insert your favorite Charlie Sheen #ImWinning #DuhImWinning catchphrase here.)  And at the end of the day, SXSW will be won over by DivasandDorks (*crosses fingers*) :p


My weather prediction for SXSW is:

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One Response to “How SXSW Will Be Won! (Predictions)”

  1. BrothaTech says:

    I'll be looking for you and your "stained shirt" down there this year.

    Thanks for the list!

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