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HMDX – Speakers For Every Corner And For Everyone! #2013CES

DSC00863 (Copy)

This was definitely the year of the wireless speakers and docks (Bluetooth and NFC) at CES. They were everywhere. But one speaker company came back very strong at CES; HMDX. I have the HMDX Jam and use it all the time, and I mean ALL the time. I was excited to see what they had to offer for 2013. Here’s HMDX’s new lineup of Bluetooth speakers.



Similar to the original Jam; the Jam Plus loses the black border and has one solid color. A major difference though, is that it allows you to pair two Jam Plus speakers and create full stereo sound. The speaker sounds great, just like the original. Price: $59.99


DSC00867 (Copy)For those of you who live the rugged, wet, dirty life; the Jam XT is for you. It’s rated IP64 which makes it dirt and splash proof. Just like the other Jam speakers; the rechargeable battery allows for up to 4 hours of wireless playback time. You can of course connect it with 3.5 mm auxiliary cable if wireless playback isn’t an option. Price: $69.99


The name goes well with the product. This is Jam’s Bluetooth Alarm Clock. The dock is big enough to house any smartphone. It charges your phone while streaming music. Price: $79.99


DSC00870 (Copy)

This wireless shower speaker is awesome. It’s water-resistant; for use in the shower and poolside (no submerging in water). You can play music for up to 6 hours. Price: $79.99

HMDX Jam Party

If the regular Jam speaker isn’t enough for you; you should move up to the Jam Party. This Bluetooth speaker has 4 stereo speakers for great sound. Play wirelessly or connect to the AC adaptor. If you choose to go wireless; you can play music for up to 8 hours. Price: $119.99    
hmdx fusion


This is HMDX’s attempt to enter the headphone world. These Bluetooth headphones are unique in that they let you pair one set with another set of headphones. Sharing your music wirelessly with a friend is no problem. Price: $89.99

HMDX Sleep Station Projection Alarm Clock

DSC00860 (Copy)

This has to be my favorite item from the new line up. It has a USB for charging your device overnight. You can set up dual alarms with gradual wake (which I definitely need). And my fave feature is that is projects the time onto the ceiling or the wall. There is also a version that tells you the weather. It tells you the temperature indoors and out. (HMDX Sleep Station Projection and Weather Alarm Clock $49.99) Price: $39.99

HMDX Chill Wireless Alarm Clock

This little alarm clock connects to devices wirelessly through Bluetooth. It has the USB port for charging as well. Price: $59.99

HMDX Cube Bluetooth Alarm Clock

If you don't like the style of the Chill; the Cube is another alarm clock. It has a bigger LED display and a nightlight as well. Price: $69.99

DSC00862 (Copy)HMDX Freedom Bluetooth Alarm Clock

This alarm clock keeps all the iPhone 5 users in mind. It has the lightning pin to charge your device while playing the music from your device. It even has a micro USB port for your other devices. Price: $89.99

HMDX Rave Portable Rechargeable Speaker

This bluetooth speaker connects wirelessly to all devices; smartphones, tablets, and notebooks. Listen to music for up to 4 hours. Price: $39.99

HDMX Roam Portable Rechargeable Speaker

hmdxThis speaker is made for anywhere use. With built-in prongs for anytime charging allow for music play at any time. The Roam has built-in phone capabilities as well. You can manage calls with the built-in speaker phone. It's really small; so it's great for kitchen and/or bathroom use. Price: $49.99

HMDX Stream Wireless Stereo Speaker

DSC00858 (Copy)This speaker is for those who enjoy more rich sound. The sound quality of the Stream is enriched with good bass. This one also has built-in speakerphone for call management. Price: $69.99

HMDX definitely has something for everyone. We're looking forward to reviewing some of these items to let you know which speakers are best for each situation. With the affordable pricing; you can pick and choose to have a HMDX speaker for every room of the house.


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