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Helpful Apps to Get You Through The Holiday Madness

We’re now in December. The holiday madness is officially upon us. Your smartphone can be a great help during this hectic season. Here are a few apps to help with the holiday season craziness that ensues.

Christmas List App (The Android Alternative is Free Christmas List)

Apple App Store Google Play Store If you have multiple gifts for each person on the list. The Christmas List app helps you keep track of presents you've bought and for who. Different lists bring organization to a new level from a "Purchased", Wrapped, Shipping, Received. There will be minimal confusion. You can even sort the priority of a gift from "definitely wants" to a maybe. Tracking a budget with each person and as a total is a breeze with easy to read graphics. Christmas shopping was never so neat and organized.


Apple App Store Google Play Store Once you know what you’re going to get those on your list; why not make it worthwhile? With the Shopkick app. Over 4 million users can’t lie. What’s so great about this app? You don’t even have to buy anything to get rewarded. By just walking into certain stores; you get points. The app gives you a heads up on sales and discounts. With can redeem all sorts of rewards with the kicks you earn. Everything from Starbucks drinks to song downloads and trips. You've got nothing to lose; and tons of rewards to gain.

Sincerely Ink

Apple App Store Google Play Store This app is wonderful for those on the go that need to mail out Holiday Cards. With Sincerely Ink you can send design and send all types of cards (not just holiday cards) to anyone in your address book. With over one hundred customizable designs; your loved ones will feel extra special when receiving their personalized card from you!


Apple App Store Google Play Store This is the mother of all music streaming apps. Whether you get the basic (free) version or the premium version you're going to enjoy lots of music. By lots I mean millions. You can access Spotify on smartphones, tablets and desktops. You can stream your fave holiday hits or jam to oldies with customized playlist shared by family and friends. You can zone out a bit when holiday shopping or be the family DJ at gatherings.


Apple App Store Google Play Store With all the holiday sales and gift giving; it’s easy to slip up on bills. With the Manilla app you can keep tabs on all of your bills. Everything from household, finance bills, subscriptions and rewards can be tracked with this app. Don't lose track of your finances this holiday season. The Manilla app is available for both iOS and Android.

iFinger (For iOS only)

Apple App Store If you're one of those who has trouble wrapping present. Cut the wrapping too large, or to small? That will no longer be a problem with iFinger. By just inputting the dimensions of your present you will save lots of time and wrapping paper. It gives you illustrated gift wrapping directions.  Sorry guys, this one is only for iOS.


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