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Have Young Children Who Want Smartphones? Check the Zact Mobile Report

Zact Mobile - Parent Concerns Parental ControlsMany of you have probably taken notice how quickly kids take on to smartphones and tablets. I often see parents handover their smartphone quickly to a crying child. The easily accessible entertainment portal is great for young kids. Smartphones and tablets also serve as great educational tools for children, tweens and teens in school. You can do everything from research to buy/download textbooks online.   Zact Mobile - Right Age For Smartphone Tablets are no longer just for entertainment, but parents and caregivers have concerns with technology. Check out this infographic on US families and how they feel about technology and their children.

Zact Facts: Did you know that:

...Nearly half of children in the U.S.  have a smartphone? ...10% of parents aren't comfortable giving children a smartphone? ...73% of parents are concerned about the lack of parental controls of their kids’ mobile phones. ...79% of parents are concerned about being unsure who contacts their children.

 Zact Mobile Infographic - Parents children kids and technology

As you can see parent's are mostly concerned about their child's safety online. It' s important for children to develop a nurturing and educational experience with technology growing up so they could use it for beneficial purposes. Of course at certain ages children don't have the best judgement and experience to make wise decisions online (such as clicking on pop-ups and not recognizing spam). Zact Mobile - Parent ConcernsFor parents and caregivers who would like to feel safer about their kids using technology and/or owning a smartphone, there is Zact Mobile. “In today’s world, parents often struggle with how best to introduce new technology to their children and at what age to do so,” said Anna Fieler, Chief Marketing Officer, Zact.  “In regards to smartphones, the data from this survey demonstrates the desire for highly customizable plans offering in-depth parental control options, like Zact, that can provide greater affordability and security for families.”  

More about Zact Mobile

The Zact service is available in the U.S. and runs on the Sprint Nationwide Network with 4G/LTE coverage. With Zact, customers can easily and quickly select almost any increment of voice, text and data independently of one another.  Plans are adjustable right from Zact enabled devices. There’s no need to worry about unused minutes or data with Zact’s Never Overpay Guarantee since money is credited back to a user’s account if they’ve bought too much. With Zact, any plan is sharable – there is no limit to the number of Zact-enabled devices that can be added to an account.  Outside of a nominal $4.99 line charge per each device, there are no additional fees and no need to buy a separate plan.  In addition, built-in parental controls let users easily set curfews, and restrict apps, browsing and contacts on a child’s phone. For more information or to place an order visit   What's your child's relationship with technology like? At what age do you think a child is old enough to get their smartphone?


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