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Have You Heard the Latest in Tech News? (Mid April Edition)

Have You Heard - Tech News - LogoIn another edition of “Have You Heard the Latest in Tech News”, we’re back to bring you some of the latest news in Technology in cased you missed it. Some topics are older than others, but all equally important.









Tech News – Apps – Google Keep

Have You Heard - Tech News - Google KeepGoogle has developed its own version of a souped up notepad called Google Keep.  Google Keep is a website and app that lets you create and track your notes and other scribble.  It synchronizes with your Android smart phone and any other Android device using your Google ID.  To create a note you can type it or speak it and the phone will convert it into text and saves the audio too.  It’s a great way to organize your thoughts, reminders, and to-do list.  Google Keep is free (download HERE) and works on Android mobile devices.

Alternatives to Google Keep:  EverNote, Apple Reminders, and OneNote









Tech News – Trends – Atlanta Is Tech Friendly!

Have You Heard - Tech News - Twitter atlanta

We told about Atlanta, Georgia’s techy ways in the post about the most tech friendly cities.

Atlanta, GA – Rated by PC Magazine as the 2nd most tech friendly city, 2nd with the most tweets per day, $205 million in IT investments, and 37 tech startups for 2013.  Some of the tech startups include ScoutMobMailChimp, and CloudSherpas.

Want to know more about Atlanta’s tech life?  Check out Digital Atlanta October 2013.


Have You Heard of Daybees, the Event Only Search Engine Tool?

Have You Heard - Tech News - daybees

So, heading to Atlanta?  Make sure you checkout Daybees on your travels.  The event only search engine was created to be your personalize concierge.  Introduced last month it has over 1.5 million events in its database, providing a localized results search to your specific location be it Atlanta, London, Washington, D.C., or wherever.  You can personalize your search by using location, keywords, dates, and time of the event.  Take it for a test drive –



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