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(Guest Post) Instagram Your City For An International Trip To Social Media Week

Guest Post By:  Terrance (BrothaTech) Gaines
Atlanta Buildings_Instagram

(image courtesy of Instagram user arizonamarty)

Is the first thing you do when you wake up is grab your smartphone and browse your Instagram feed?  Do you take photos all day – just to post them online? Think you’re an Instagram Guru?  You could win a trip to an international Social Media Week host city in September.
The contest is pretty simple: Whip out your smartphone, open a popular image sharing app like Instagram or Hipstamatic, and take some dope shots (filters welcome) of your city. You can also upload your images to web services like Lightbox and StreamZoo for more options and exposure.
Then share those images on Twitter or Facebook using the tag #InstagramYourCity. You can take as many pictures as you want, so long as you use the tag when sharing the images.
Judges will pick the top 14 submissions world wide to display on the Instagram Your City website. From there, one “Best in Show” image will be selected from the 14 submissions and the winner will win a trip to any of the host cities for Social Media Week on September 24-28.
Host cities include: London, Glasgow, Torino, Barcelona, Berlin, Doha, Jeddah, Hong Kong, Seoul, Sao Paulo, Bogota, Chicago, Los Angeles and Vancouver.
Whether you’re a beast on Instagram, a slick iPhoneographer, or just need another excuse to flood your friend’s streams with images, your smartphone-snapping eye may just land you a trip to a host city for Social Media Week to rep’ your city. Contest ends June 29th. Click here for official rules (if you don’t believe a Brotha).
Terrance (BrothaTech) Gaines is a husband, father and Technology Evangelist who shares tech news, reviews, tips and tricks on his site in addition to writing for other tech sites across the web and in print. Catch him blabbing about all things tech (and some other stuff too) on Twitter as well @BrothaTech.


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  1. Cheryl says:

    Hi there! I would love to guest post on your blog! As a 40+ year-old I was in the 8-track tape era, yet started using PC’s in college. I love fashion and don’t believe I’m frumpy, yet I’m not a cougar. I have a husband and 3 beautiful children that help me when I am tech challenged, which can be often, but I’m trying 😉

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