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Guess Which Of Our Favorite Viral Videos Made The Best Of 2012 List…


  This was the year of the viral sensations, from YouTube singing stars, hilarious videos and international phenomenons like PSY's 'Gangnam Style' music video (making almost $8 MIL off his sensation - this was definitely a great year for him!)  Check out the web's top picks of memorable & viral videos of this year, after all - you've survived the Mayan apocalypse, Christmas and now begins the countdown to 2013 (so why not relive this year's best videos online?)    

Sweet Brown – Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Dat!

  Why We’ll Remember The Catchphrase. “I said ‘Oh Lore Jeezizizafar!’ Then I ran out, I ain’t grab no shoes or nuthinjeeziz – I ran for my life! And then the smoke got me I got brawn kite us…..ain’t nobody got time for dat!”    

Krispy Kreme – The Baddest

Why We’ll Remember The snot. Krispy Kreme’s nose was the only thing running faster than his southern twanged lyrics. Don’t be fooled by glazzy face though. His real name is Tyler Cassidy and he graduated #1 from high school with a GPA of 3.95. Yes, he graduated high school.      

GloZell – The Cinnamon Challenge

Why We’ll Remember The hair. Shaking abruptly in a cloud of cinnamon. Cinnamon that was sprayed from GloZell’s face after realizing cinnamon is really, really hard to swallow. Is it staged? Probably, but who cares. It’s super funny!        

Psy – Gangnam Style

  Why We’ll Remember The dance. The week this went viral, it was played in clubs across the US and everyone knew the dance. You’ll just have to take our word for it. Also, can we not talk about Gangnam Style ever again please?      

Hot Cheetos & Takis

  Why We’ll Remember The hook. Someone in an office somewhere passed out from how adorable this was and needed to be kept on an intravenous diet of depression until their emotions stabilized. They only eat Hot Cheetos for lunch now.


Buttermilk The Goat

  Why We’ll Remember The leap. We like cute animal videos. That’s an Internet fact. This isn’t the cutest though. What made it go viral was Buttermilk’s aggressive leap off her sibling. The thrust was so powerful, it knocked Midnight (we assume that’s her name) off her feet.    

Al Roker’s Face Breaks

Why We’ll Remember The stare. No one knew what happened. We imagine the producers and director screaming into headsets trying to make sense of it all. The cameraman got confused, zooming in slowly as if to say, “should we just cut Al Broker out of the shot?”        

Why You Asking All Them Questions

Why We’ll Remember The hook. And the beat. And the faces. And the choreography. And just the whole thing in general. “Askin’ all them questions. Askin’ all them questions. Why you askin’ all them questions? Makin’ statements – assumin’.”        

Frozen Pool Dive Fail

  Why We’ll Remember The snapback. Like, when his back snapped. Shouldn’t we have tested to see the water? Now your knees are shattered Gustav. Not only that, but you’re in negative 0 degree weather in a Speedo. Let’s evaluate our decisions from now on.        

Oh My Dayum

Why We’ll Remember The review. The original was hilarious by itself. Then this remix came out and it was just all up hill from there. Just remember, you bite the fry and the fry bites back. dayum Dayum DAYUM!


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    Psy came off so luckily

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