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Get The SXSW Austin Experience From the AT&T Teleportation Lounge #ATTSXSW

Disclosure: As the author, I have been compensated to share experiences found throughout SXSW 2014 including unique AT&T SXSW activations in Austin however, all opinions are my own.


Here in Austin during SXSW there aren’t enough hours in the day to participate in panels, enjoy all the local eats and do all the fun things around town. That’s where the AT&T Teleportation lounge comes in.

AT&T SXSW Teleportation Lounge

Inside the teleportation lounge, you’ll find plenty of open seating, outlets for charging and a scenic view of the SXSW crowds outdoors.

AT&T SXSW Teleportation Lounge

The bar stool seating is perfect for acting up on emails, eating or even a quick nap.

 Visit a roller derby, go kayaking or even check out some of the many food trucks within Austin’s city limits.  This visually stunning dome with surround sound fully immerse visitors inside of some of the best attractions the Austin has to offer. 

AT&T SXSW Teleportation Lounge

Stuck inside? Why not get a a little brighter outdoor action in the AT&T Teleportation dome (no sunscreen needed.)

Located in the heart of the SXSW action within the Austin Convention Center, guests can plug into productivity as well as step inside the teleportation dome for some outdoor fun. The domed teleportation activation visually transports you to some of the hottest sights and sounds of Austin, other AT&T SXSW activations and just in case you can’t be in two places at once, the teleportation dome even streams SXSWi keynote and panel discussions – so you don’t miss a thing.

AT&T SXSW Teleportation Lounge

The AT&T SXSW Teleportation lounge is located within the North Hall of the Austin Convention Center.

AT&T SXSW Teleportation Lounge

No need to run low on energy with the AT&T charging stations inside.


Need to juice up fast?  The AT&T charging stations, offers power and protection within the charging station lockers where guests can lock up their charging device and get to other things without the worry of a lost or stolen phone.


AT&T SXSW Teleportation Lounge


There’s so much more going on outside of the Austin Convention Center too.  If you’re enjoying SXSW check out AT&T Teleportation Lounge and other activations going on throughout downtown Austin all week long and discover more on ATT’s blog.





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