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Get Portable Power On The Go With The PowerSound II Bluetooth Speaker [Review]

Not all Bluetooth speakers are created the same.  From size to sound quality, with so many options on the market, how do you choose which speaker is right for you?  Meet the customizable Bluetooth speaker that doubles as portable power source - the PowerSound II portable speaker.

power sound II

  The all-new PowerSound II is both a portable charger and Bluetooth speaker that provides a stylish alternative to any office space, outdoor BBQ or more.  With a 3,200 mAh battery on board, it will charge your smartphone at least 3-4 times.  The high-capacity lithium polymer battery allows for hours of use without an immediate re-charge.  The battery meter will keep you in the know, so you're always aware of your battery levels to ensure that you always have a charged up speaker ready to go.  

Powerstick PowerSound II

Powerstick PowerSound II


Powerstick PowerSound II

  In addition to the Bluetooth module, the PowerSound II also features a Near Field Audio capability, which allows direct play through induction.  For Android users, this is HUGE!  No need to connect via Bluetooth when you can use your NFC enabled smartphone to share your music.  It also boasts speakerphone functionality.  So there's no more need to strain your ears using your smartphone speaker option, when you can get quality sound for conference calls hands-free using the PowerSound II.  

Powerstick PowerSound II

  The PowerSound II offers an additional feature that you won't find on other Bluetooth speakers, you can custom create your own PowerSound II device!  Add a custom family photo to your PowerSound II speaker for the perfect gift for moms, dads (or grads) this season!  Even small businesses can add logos, corporate mottos and more to brand their company in a fun and unique way.  

Powerstick PowerSound II

    I'm not the only fan of the PowerSound II, the PowerSound II is a CES Innovations and Engineering award winner for 2014.  As a customizable, multifunction Bluetooth speaker, you can purchase the PowerSound II online for $99.00.  For a limited time only, PowerStick is offering free customizing for your next PowerSound II purchase.  Simply visit enter coupon code "FATHER" for your free personalized PowerSound II speaker today.   For more on PowerStick or the PowerSound II speaker visit or get social on Facebook,Twitter or Instagram today.


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