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Get More Battery Life Out Of Your Android Smartphone With These Tips

Android Battery Dead -For More Battery LifeAndroid smart phones have never been known for having a great battery life.  We all want more battery life. It’s difficult for smartphones to last a full day due to all the features today’s smartphones have. Screen sizes are ginormous, it probably has a dual-core or quad-core processor, data the downloads in the background, and many other factors affect your battery life tremendously.

Unless you have one with a massive battery like the ones in the Samsung Galaxy Note II or the Motorola Razr Maxx, it’s likely that your battery doesn’t last a full day.  You don’t need to hack or mod your phone to manipulate the processes for the battery (you could if you want to). There are little adjustments that you can make to get more battery life, maybe an hour or two a day (that’s a lot of time if you’re addicted to your smartphone). If you are not the hacking/modding type, I got some tips for you to help extend the life of your Android smartphone.

What Display Settings Can You Adjust For More Battery Life?

  • Lower your backlight setting
  • Don’t use live wallpapers

Battery Use Android - For More Battery Life        Adjust Brightness For More Battery Life

What Connectivity Settings Can You Adjust For More Battery Life?

  • Shut off Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth when not is use
  • Use the Power Widget to toggle GPS, Bluetooth, Wireless & Brightness settings
  • Shut off apps that constantly sync
  • Shut off GPS location features

How You Can You Manipulate Apps For More Battery Life?

  • Use a Task Manager to kill apps/processes that don’t need to run
  • Uninstall any apps you don’t use
  • Get rid of unnecessary home screen widgets

juice defender app  - For More Battery Life

Along with these tips, there’s an app called Juice Defender as well.  This app offers a variety of settings to better manage the things that affect your battery life.  Such as toggling between 2G & 3G, location-aware Wi-Fi toggle, smart brightness control, Bluetooth control w/ automatic reconnect, and slower CPU processes when your phone is idle to name a few.  This app helps  you get more battery life, with easy toggle options. Juice Defender is free on the Google Play Store.
Hopefully this can help you out. Let us know how much better your battery life is. What tips do you use to get more out of your battery life?


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