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Get A Jumpstart On New Year Fitness (That’ll Change Your Life!) With @JabsGym


More than 54 million Americans are paying to sweat at boutique studios, the fastest-growing part of the fitness industry! It’s no secret, boutique fitness studios have been exploding on the fitness scene for several years.  There’s something encouraging and empowering about the fitness boutique experience. It’s intimate, intense, and you come out feeling like you really worked your butt off (and have the sweat marks to prove it!)




Jabs Gym offers high energy group fitness where students work towards the ultimate fitness experience. Offering much more than your average exercise experience, Jabs Gym gives you options that’ll shock your body into strengthening, toning and shaping up the way you’ve always wanted it to be.




BOYO – Is what happens when you mix the intensity of 8-rounds of boxing with Yoga. Each round builds in intensity and is mixed in with core routines and basic yoga moves creating the ultimate body sculpting workout.

BOYO-X – Looking for more Yoga? BOYO X delivers a full 90-minute class with boxing fundamentals, an extra dose of core work and the heat turns up with a full session of restorative Vinyasa yoga.

Kickboxing – Is one of the most exciting and energetic classes EVER! Body pumping music sets the tone as this cardio kickboxing class teaches students the fundamentals of boxing while working punch combinations on your own bag inside our intimate state of the art black light classroom.

Bootcamp – The Jabs Gym Bootcamp experience will make you go hard, or go home. The challenging 60-minute class includes a variety of training including cardio, cross-training, and strength conditioning. You will be provided with a full body workout in a fun, fast paced environment.


jabs gym boxing


With plenty of classes and two locations in Birmingham and Eastern Market, Jabs Gym makes it easy and undeniably fun to add hard core workouts to any busy schedule.  This is the perfect time of year to recalibrate my fitness routine (honestly, it’s because I need a 2-month head start before the world decides to get fit again in January! LOL)  I’m just a few weeks in and I’ve already begun noticing a difference thanks to regular workouts at Jabs Gym. This is just the beginning and I can’t wait to see my transformation over the next few months!


Jabs Gym fitness


Thinking about transforming your life for the better?  Learn more about Jabs Gym (and score a free workout session on me!) at and get social with Jabs Gym on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram today!


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