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Get a Glimpse of BlackBerry 10 OS on Your iPhone or Android Now

Many are skeptical about BlackBerry 10 OS. Blackberry is trying very hard to win everyone back. They gave consumers a long time to learn and switch over to other platforms. So it’s quite understandable those same consumers who are now Apple iOS and Google Android lovers are not going to jump back to BlackBerry with their new OS so quickly.


But BlackBerry is not giving up. They want you to try their new OS; BlackBerry 10 on your iPhone or Android smartphone. You can try out some of the main features from BlackBerry 10 on right from your smartphone browser. Of course you won’t get the entire experience, but you get a glimpse of how BlackBerry 10 OS works. It’s a tour of how the OS works.

So on your smartphone browser go to When you get there, you should see this screen:

BlackBerry 10 OS Glimpse On iOS and Android -  Start

What Features Will You See on This BlackBerry 10 OS Glimpse?

You will see basic features. Starting off with the lock screen and how to unlock it to access your home screen. The swiping features are also shown, with directions on where to tap and swipe. You get an idea of how BlackBerry Hub pulls all your information together.

A cool feature is BlackBerry’s TimeShift feature on the camera. It helps you perfect photos. You will see how it works on this demo as well.

BlackBerry 10 OS Glimpse On iOS and Android -  Home Screen Unlock     BlackBerry 10 OS Glimpse On iOS and Android -  App Grid

BlackBerry 10 OS Glimpse On iOS and Android -  BlackBerry Hub Features     BlackBerry 10 OS Glimpse On iOS and Android -  BBM Video With Screen Share

BlackBerry has released a new smartphone on both Verizon and AT&T, the BlackBerry Z10. You can see more screen shots of the demo below. I think this is a great way for consumers to experience what BlackBerry has been working on. If they are tired of the Apple iOS and Android platforms, this might be something else to look into. Some said the demo was a complete fail on their mobile browsers. Other claimed success. Let us know your thoughts.

How did the demo work out for you? Are you intrigued about BlackBerry’s new OS now? 


One Response to “Get a Glimpse of BlackBerry 10 OS on Your iPhone or Android Now”

  1. Monica P says:

    I was interested since I have a Blackberry, that I need to upgrade and more likely – get rid of.

    My husband has an iPhone 5 and it just make sense for me to get an iPhone as well .. less charge cord issues, I suppose.


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