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News One on TVOne Today: Gadgets, Apps and Websites To Keep Your Fitness On Track

In case you missed News One on TVOne this morning, I joined Roland Martin to discuss gadgets that’ll help you keep track of your new year’s resolutions on today’s FIT | LIVE | WIN segment.  According to by March – 65% of New Year’s resolutions fail or simply never get off the ground.  With ever-evolving technology, gadgets and resources available we’re going to take a look at the hottest wearable tools, smartphone apps and online resources to help keep you on track to your fitness goals.

Fitness Gadgets To Get You On Track

Fitbug Orb – Fitbug Orb with KiK can be worn anywhere and is your own digital coach and virtual trainer.  Fitbug’s new KiK Plans is a 12-week program created by dietary and fitness experts across various fields. The company will offer activation cards at retail stores or directly through, with plans starting at $19.99. It’s versatile, can be worn as a clip or a wristband and is a great addition to the wearable technology trend.  


Fitbit Force – Keep track of your activity and see your results wirelessly, right on your wrist.  The Force is the first-ever wristband fitness tracker to feature an OLED display and although it may sound like a small advancement, its inclusion is a huge addition.  In addition to the OLED display — which displays crisp, easy-to-read data — it has a lot of wristband fitness tracker firsts, including an altimeter (which measures steps climbed or hiked.)  Get all the information you need without plugging into an app.


Jawbone UP24 – Stay connected with your fitness, caloric intake and more with this unassuming wristband and accompanying app.  This Jawbone’s best activity tracker yet with sleep tracking, smart alarms and more you can keep informed of what impacts your lifestyle seemlessly while integrating the stylish and unassuming black or orange wristband in your daily wardrobe with ease. 

Apps To Keep Your Fitness Regimen On Track

Nike+ Running app lets you add friends for extra motivation, allows your FB friends to cheer you on and make use of PowerSongs to boost your run along. (iOS / Android)

MyFitnessPal app takes accountability to a new level.  It logs everything from food, water intake, and exercise regimen while keeping a community of family and friends in the know within the in app news feed. (iOS / Android)

7-minute workout app is the #1 fitness app in over 60 countries with high 7-intensity workouts from the comfort of your own home. (iOS / Android)

**BONUS (Did You Know:)  The Pandora app has specialty workout stations that will add a little spice to your stale workout playlist?  From 80’s cardio station feat. Michael Jackson and Madonna to a Rap Strength training station with Jay-Z and Lil Wayne – Pandora gives you the right musical options to stimulate your daily workout.


Health And Fitness Websites to Motivate Your Journey – Ditch the workout Dvds and never get bored with This site offers a variety of workouts from cardio, strength and dance classes to keep you motivated from your smartphone, tablet, computer or tv.  In addition to workouts it also hosts nutritional guidance plans and is offering a 30-day trial for free at – Helps in closing the gap in health and fitness disparities in the African American community via celebrity fitness news, healthy eating recipes, inspirational transformation stories and more. – Was created by Erika Kendall who lost over 150lbs BY HERSELF and now blogs about everything she’s learned along the way.  It’s a great site with insightful recipes, tested weight loss tips and opinions to help you on your journey to losing weight.


The new year resolution push is in full swing.  What smartphone apps, gadgets and websites are you using to keep you motivated towards your goals this year?  Share below.


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  1. Keish says:

    I have a FitBit Force and love it. I chose it over the NikeFuel Band and Jawbone because it looks more like a watch and it also displays stats without having to sync to my phone. You can also integrate it with MyFitnessPal to make weight loss even more effective. So far I've lost around 10 lbs.

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