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From Divas to Bros – Mancave Makeover

Are you looking to go a little step further for this year's Father's Day? Can't find the right father's day gift? Why not create or enhance his mancave? You know, that place that's just for him to enjoy his sports, movies and bro' time. Show him you care by enhancing his time in his space with these devices. From us divas to those special fathers - Check out our Father's Day Gift Guide - Mancave Edition If you want to completely blow him away and make his mancave THE mancave of them all, change the TV. Here are the top 3 TV's:   VIZIO 3D LED / SMART TV: Vizio is great for many reasons. They're becoming that go-to brand you trust with the pricing you'll love. When you want all the bells and whistles, you will be confident in picking Vizio's 70” Class Razor LED™ Smart TV with Theater 3D® Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks - VIZIO 70” Class Razor LEDSmart TV with Theater 3DModel #: M701D-A3R Price: $2499.99 Features:
  • A 70" edge to edge screen. Amazing picture quality
  • Theater 3D® allows for many viewing angles (includes up to 8 pairs of 3D glasses)
  • Connect anything and everything with 4 HDMI ports and built-in wifi
  • 240Hz effective refresh rate with Smooth Motion
Find out more about Vizio's Class Razor LED Smart TV      

Sony: Sony has yet to fail us in the TV department. A brand that has been around long enough, they're always enhancing their technology. Sony's new 4K Ultra HD TV's are no exception to great delivery and performance. Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks - Sony 4K TV Full viewModel #: XBR-55X900A Price: $4,999

  • A 55" bright screen - 4K makes for an ultra clear picture
  • Sony TVs, Magnetic Fluid Speaker technology allows a thinner, more efficient loudspeaker that offers faithful reproduction of high-fidelity sound.
  • For the Gamer: SimulView™ gaming presents two separate Full HD pictures: each player watches independently through light easy to wear optional Simulview glasses that don’t need batteries.
  • Movies, music and apps from your smartphone can now be viewed big on your TV. With three ways to connect Android phones and tablets to the X900
Find out more about Sony 4K Ultra HD TV         Samsung Samsung is also a great choice for entertainment. Their products work well together and offer great features. Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks - Samsung SMART TVModel #: UN60ES8000F Price: $2,999 Features:
  • 60" of beautiful content. Whether you’re watching in 2D or 3D, Samsung Full HD 1080p displays picture quality that’s crisp, clear, and breathtakingly life-like.
  • Decor friendly: This TV isn't clunky and awkward looking. Hang it anywhere with the ultra thin bezel.
  • Built in Skype and Wi-Fi
  • Evolution Kit Compatible: Won't need to worry about getting a new TV every year! The Evolution Kit plugs in to the back of your Smart TV and allows you to keep your Smart TV up-to-date, so you never get left behind.
Find out more about Samsung LED SMART TV               If Dad has been looking to enhance the sound for his entertainment system, any one of these sound bars would make a good Father's Day gift!

Father's Day Gift Guide - Soundbars

Boston Acoustics Boston Acoustics dramatically improves the audio of your TV without a separate subwoofer. This soundbar is great for those who don't want / like the subwoofer Model #: TVee 10 Price: $199.00

Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks - Boston Acoustics Soundbar

  • If you'd like to enhance the sound without a subwoofer the Boston Acoustics TVee 10 will deliver
  • Boston Acoustics' Digitally Optimized Virtual Surround (DOVS) technology delivers rich, immersive sound and BassTrac circuitry for clean bass at all listening levels.
  • Universal Control:  The TVee 10 soundbar can be controlled with your TV's remote!
Find out more about the Boston Acoutics TVee 10 Soundbar     Vizio  Vizio soundbars are so underrated. For the price point you get an entire theater system. Model #: S4251W-B4 Price: $329.99

Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks - 42” 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar with Subwoofer and remote - Vizio Analie Cruz

  • 42” sound bar with left, right and center channels
  • Not limited to your TV: Wireless connectivity for streaming from your mobile device; smartphone, tablet, music player with the wireless Bluetooth feature.
  • Complete 5.1 surround sound home theater solution
Find out more about the 42” 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar with Subwoofer and  Soundbar     Samsung Samsung's HW-E450 Soundbar system is a great enhancement to any home theater system Model #:HW-E450 Price: $289.00  

Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks - Samsung Sound Bars and Sub wooferPNG

  • With 3D Sound Plus,  synchronize the sound to match the motion and depth of the image. Now you can enjoy a fully immersive 3D experience.
  • Not limited to your TV: Wireless connectivity for streaming from your mobile device; smartphone, tablet, music player with the Bluetooth feature.
  • Comes with a wireless subwoofer for even more sound
Find out more about the Samsung Soundbar   It's not only about the big gadgets in the mancave. To keep dad tech savvy when he's not in the mancave, check out these portable devices list of gadgets for Father's Day!



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  1. Amanda says:

    Analie, nice selection of TVs and sound bars for fathers. I’m fed up with Samsung TV, but the Sony’s is very nice (super expensive though). I wonder whether my sister wants to jointly buy one for our dad.

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