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Four Text Messaging Mistakes You’re Making Right Now!

Have you ever wondered why your text messages, (and even phone calls)always seem to get no response?  You could be making some of the most common mistakes that men and women make in modern day communication.  Find out if you're making these common mistakes and how to avoid them in the future below...   4.  Asking Questions That Require Detailed Answers... Asking YES or NO questions and for quick updates is what texting is intended for. Texting should not be used for asking things like, detailed opinions on the global warming crisis and how it could potentially affect urban development. Text messages requiring explainations, or multiple paragraphs? KISS that response goodbye (Keep It Simple Stupid) People!  Keep it short and simple and you’re sure to get a considerate response. If an elaborate response is necessary, call or meet in person for those important conversations & discussions..   3.  Rapid Fire Text Messages There’s texting too often and then there’s outright texting Turrets. Stop that! There’s a 10-text maximum per 10-minute window (and that’s being generous). If you break that rule, practice this one tip—text it and forget it. (Get lost in the world wide web if you’re keystroke happy, or just shut down your phone completely for the next 10 minutes until you cool off.)   2.  Too Many LOL - Smiley Face... A little sarcasm via texting is healthy when flirting, but not every sarcastic (or non-sarcastic message) needs to be accompanied with an LOL or an emoticon.  If you’ve developed a nice rapport with your text recipient, they should have a good sense of your personality—if all else fails, try texting your sarcasm in italics to avoid the abbreviation and :) overdose. Or, add a “haha.” For some reason, it seems so much better than an LOL.   1.  Sexting Yeah, we know. There’s nothing wrong with harmless flirting, but when messages get a little too hot and heavy and/or when naughty photos are involved that’s when your text-messaging privileges have gone too far and you’ve committed one of the original texting sins.   Have you been guilty of any of these texting faux pas?  Have you gotten any of the text mistakes mentioned?  How would you let the guilty texter know that they're breaking one of the four texting rules?


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