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Four Reasons Why This Year’s #2013CES Will Impact Your Life For The Better


Let’s face it, not all nerds are created equal.  We know this, and thankfully we’re not at the top of any nerd’s megabrained list.  However, we definitely know a thing or two about mobile, computing and consumer electronics – and more importantly, we know that this year’s #2013CES will be the most impactful Consumer Electronics Show yet.  If you’re wondering how in the world a electronics convention could have any impact on what you have going on in your life today, you’re sadly missing the boat.  The announcements, premieres and unveilings happening over the next two days might just be the products meant to make your life unbelievably easier and impact your 2013 more than you know.


samsung ces #2013ces

1. samsung, Samsung, SAMSUNG!

Among the companies present at CES, Samsung will be one of the most influential. The company has evolved from challenger to champion in recent years, displacing Sony as the world’s largest manufacturer of high-end TVs. Not only has Samsung produced amazing televisions, home electronics and smartphones throughout the years now with their sights set on tablets and cameras – this company is sure to set the standard for innovation during CES 2013.

Why It Will Impact Your Year:  This is the year where consumer electronics meets customized streaming content and word on the block is that Samsung has already begun making waves into the next level of content creation with the mSpot streaming services.



connected connectivity #2013ces



2.  Connected Convenience

This year, if it’s not ready to go out of the box, it’s not truly effortlessly connected and therefore could no way become a leader in the world of connected convenience.  That’s what it’s all about this year at CES and you’ll undoubtedly see and hear more and more about Bluetooth this and WiFi that.  With over 61% of households having WiFi, manufacturers are banking on making products that are easily parable and that makes the most of this new wireless lifestyle.

Why It Will Impact Your Year:  Have you sat in a newer model Chevy, Cadillac or Acura lately?  Not only are households becoming well connected but cars are too.  We’re headed into a wireless world, whether you like it or not and if you want to transition with the latest in consumer electronics, you better learn how to pair that smartphone with your refridgerator, your mp3 player to your car and that tablet to your tv. 







3.  iEverything

Even during its’ absence from CES – Apple still manages to dominate with this year’s iLounge Pavilion. The iLounge Pavilion features the latest and greatest third-party accessories and software for Apple’s iPod®, iPhone® and iPad®. From electronic plug-ins to fashionable cases, speakers, headphones and exciting new games and applications, you’ll be amazed by the opportunities created by their great designs and features.  More than 500 companies that make peripheral technologies for Apple devices have signed up to show their wares at CES.

Why It Will Impact Your Year:  Apple is constantly evolving it’s products, from mp3 players, to smartphones and now with rumors of a new revolutionary television device – you’ll definitely need to be aware of all the gadgets, accessories that could make for easy living with your new tv in the future.


#2013ces windows8

4.  Windows 8

First off, Microsoft isn’t officially at the show this year – but you can expect more Windows 8 tablets, laptops, and tablet / laptop hybrids boasting the new operating system in it’s physical absence.  While many of the major companies — Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung, etc. — released Windows 8 tablets and computers before the holidays, you might be surprised at what some were holding back. We’re also holding out for some interesting tablet concepts from Intel, Nvidia and others.

Why It Will Impact Your Year: As supercharged laptop computers evolve, each company is not only attempting to convince you that their product is similar, but they’re also becoming competitively priced to aggressively battle it out for that consumer dollar.  (It’s a great time to be in the market for a laptop or desktop computers.)

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