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The Information Junkies Best App – Do You Use Flipboard or Google Currents?


Do you Flipboard or Google Current?

Like flipping through a glossy magazine with all the information, pictures, and video you want to see in one location; these apps are like digital social magazine that aggregates web content just for you.  You curate your space on this app.  Everything from world news, entertainment, celebrity news, social media, YouTubers, and bloggers you can search, discover content, and also share it. Which apps work best? Google Currents and Flipboard are our top contenders for digital magazines. With many similarities; we ask you information junkies, which is the best digital magazine app for you? A few things to keep in mind when you're deciding whether to use Flipboard or Google Current  

Either Flipboard or Google Currents:

Flipboard or Google Currents

Google Current - Do you Flipboard or Current?

flipboard or google currents             Want to access your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Etsey accounts all in one location?  Use one of these apps.  Want to get breaking news from your favorite news sources?  Use one of these apps.  Want to connect with and follow your favorite blogger or vlogger?  Use one of these apps.  You personalize the app to fit your needs and it flows seamlessly to your smart phone, tablet, and computer.    
flipboard or google currents

Google Currents Download Page

  Having used both apps, Flipboard definitely has the design and organization of content flawlessly.  Flipboard is easy to set up and add content.  Another great feature is if you already have social media account (twitter, Facebook), it can automatically integrate with your account and start adding that content.  Flipboard has categories of content and also has a search bar to find content.
flipboard or google currents

Flipboard Front Page

    However, Google Current search integration is much better, as it uses Google’s search technology.  Sharing content in both apps is easy and straight forward; with sharing access to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Nevertheless, Flipboard is far more superior in navigation, design, and integration with your social media accounts.  Also, Flipboard just added a Best Sellers category that adds content about all genres of bestselling books and links with Apple’s iBookstore.  Give them both a drive.
flipboard or google currents

Information Junkies Best App: Do you Flipboard or Google Current?

  You definitely have to try them out yourself. Depending on your device and taste; one may be more suitable than the other. After trying them out; let us know if you Flipboard or Google Current? Which app do you recommend and why?

Download Google Currents and Flipboard Apps

Apple App Store (iOS) - Google Currents / Flipboard Android Google Play - Google Currents / Flipboard


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