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Five Super bowl Predictions That You May (or May Not) Already Know

Super Bowl XLVII is overflowing with anticipation of a historical game and record breaking performances. Even those that are not into football have a reason to watch this year’s Super Bowl. From Ray Lewis to Beyoncé  to the Harbaugh brothers to the commercials, history is already in the making and we have the predictions that you may, or may not, already know!


5. Papa John’s Will Give Away Free Pizza

2 million free pizzas

During the 2012 Super Bowl coin toss, every Papa John’s Rewards member got a free large 1-topping pizza and a 2-liter Pepsi Max free when the coin toss landed on heads- since that was the collective vote online. This year the pizza company is again offering a chance for its loyal customers to benefit from the biggest coin toss in sports. This year, instead of the collectivism of last year’s toss, Papa John’s is giving individual fans the chance to vote and benefit with a free pizza if they personally pick the right result. It’s a no-lose situation, unless your pick is wrong, of course.


4. Motorola, Taco Bell, Audi, and Star Trek will be the most talked about commercials. 



We won’t give all the best commercials away, but we predict these will be the most talked about come Monday morning. Megan Fox proves in this Motorola ad, that sexy and funny do mesh. This will be a very popular spot on social media and likely to be shared the most. It seems that each year Taco Bell comes up with some very clever commercial spots. This year having Grand Pa run wild in his power wheelchair ranks up there with the talking dog, appealing to the whole family. Check it out and get the first laugh here.


Audi has a history of Super Bowl commercials; this year they go with the theme of being brave. It is a very clever spot, appealing to a younger audience, but will be a commercial everyone will be talking about after the game. The Star Trek franchise has always had a very strong 18 to 35-year-old male demographic. So running a dramatic preview for the popular film during the game makes perfect sense.


3.  Beyoncé will perform – with guests.


Okay, yeah we know you know this, but did you know that she’ll be reuniting one of the greatest groups of all time – The Hot Boyz?  You thought I was going to say Destiny’s Child?  Okay, yeah, them too.  But wouldn’t it be so much more appropriate if Beyoncé rocked the stage in the Mercedes-Benz Super Dome with Juvenille, Baby, Mannie Fresh and Lil’ Wayne? It’s even possible Beyoncé will usher in a Lil’ Wayne performance during the Destiny’s Child set (if they perform ‘Soilder’ – remember, Lil Wayne had a verse in that song).  Just for kicks, here’s a list of five guest performances to expect:

“Crazy in Love” – featuring Jay Z

“Bills, Bills, Bills” – featuring Destiny’s Child

“Soldier” – featuring Destiny’s Child and Lil’ Wayne 

“Telephone” – featuring Lady Gaga

“Single Ladies” – featuring a gazillion-trillion-infinitillon of backup dancers


2.  Beyoncé’s halftime show will implode twitter, breaking Madonna’s record.


If Madonna’s halftime show had 10,245 tweets per second and broke the standing Superbowl Twitter record, it’s without a doubt that Beyonce’s performance will literally disintegrate your twitter app from beneath your tweet-happy fingertips. Brace yourselves!


1.  The Baltimore Ravens will win the Super Bowl 26 – 21. 


Call me a psychic, call it an educated guess – just make sure you call your bookie today and call me to collect my cut next Monday! The Ravens are definitely the Super Bowl underdogs- considering the 49’ers have gone to the Super Bowl five times and have never lost- but the Ravens have much more riding on this game with the look and feel of a team of destiny. With Ray Lewis being the face of this franchise for over a decade, returning from an injury, and announcing his retirement at the end of the season – he seems to have completely rejuvenated the Ravens (blame it on his magical angel-dried tears.)

History even proves this prediction. Last year on Thanksgiving, John Harbaugh‘s Ravens topped Jim Harbaugh‘s 49ers 16-6. To top that off, San Francisco’s defense has struggled in its last three games against teams with strong passing attacks. History never lies!

Tell your friends, make a bet, and thank us later! No worries, we won’t rub it in your face and say “I told you so!” even though we just did!


Do you agree or disagree with the above Super Bowl XLVII predictions? What other predictions do you have? Tell us below…



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